Software Development Experts

Web design and application projects involve a litany of moving parts. Our process, tested by time and dedicated to client communication and collaboration, is critical to the success of the projects.

Fixed Price

This model works well when you

  • Have fully defined project
  • Want to be on the top of project but do not wish to monitor every single detail
  • Hold a clear budget
  • Do not have time to be involved in details

Hourly Work

This model works when you

  • Have small set of tasks to accomplish
  • Unsure about the budget
  • Expecting a lot of iterations
  • Looking for a MVP

Dedicated Time

This model works best when you

  • Do not have the full scope of the project
  • Want a hire to work on multiple jobs at the same time
  • Looking to be fully top on every day progress
  • Need very close collaboration & integration
  • Require a hire to work with the other members of your existing team