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Our Services

Ibinti.com is a software developer focusing on WordPress plugin and theme. Over a decade of experience in the industry, we provide a complete one-stop solution for your needs from LAMP hosting to WordPress plugins and themes development and customization.


We analyze the projects with microscope. Any good project starts from analyzing the requirements and deliverables. We strive to meet the dead line and keep the project under budget.

  • Requirements
  • Constraints
  • Deliverables
  • Deadlines


We love coffee and coding. Coding is our favourite service. We can implement your requested features no matter how they are complex. From small tasks to business scale projects, we handle them all happily.

  • Hourly Work Model
  • Fixed Priced Model
  • Dedicated Programmer Model


We host WordPress sites on the cloud platforms.

  • Amazon EC2
  • Azure
  • Digital Ocean
  • Linode
  • Vultr
  • Or your favorite platform


We do maintenance for your sites to up-and-run at all times. To fall in love is easier than to keep loving. Maintaining your loved works to keep going is important but hard. We can help.

  • Monitor the hosting services
  • Keep all the components up to date
  • Fix any incompatible updates


We do research for anything of interests.

  • Opportunities
  • Technical Trends
  • Feasibility of new technologies

Best for the remote jobs

We are physically located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, observing PST/PDT zone. We are available for on-line meeting or chat during normal standard business hours as well as client specific time if requested in advance.

Why Choose Us?

Ibinti.com generates dedicated, innovative and trustworthy business solutions. We work with business owners to help them make bold decisions, convert those decisions into actions, providing maximum output and success as per their desire. We’ve been enthusiastic about achieving top rated results for our clients that provide remarkable awareness and profits. We specialize in WordPress. Over a decade of experience in the industry, we provide a complete one-stop solution for your needs from customizing plugins and themes to managing WordPress sites on the cloud platforms.

It concludes down to this: while others focus on the output, we remain focused on the outcome for clients. We analyze and suggest our partners on their critical issues and opportunities to be cashed: Software Development, Creative Solutions, New Product Development, Innovation & Execution and IT Solutions.

Fixed Price Project

Fixed project price model works well when you

  • Have fully defined project to send overseas
  • Want to be on the top of project but do not wish to monitor every single detail
  • Hold a clear budget
  • Do not have time to be involved in details

Hourly Work

Hourly work model works when you

  • Have small set of tasks to accomplish
  • Unsure about the budget
  • Expecting a lot of iterations
  • Looking for a MVP

Hire Dedicated Programmer

Hire dedicated programmer model works best when you

  • Do not have the full scope of the project
  • Want programmer to work on multiple jobs at the same time
  • Looking to be fully top on every day progress
  • Need very close collaboration & integration
  • Require programmer to work with the other on-site team members

Site Hosting

WordPress site can be hosted in the cloud platforms.
Amazon, Vultr, Linode, Azure, Digital Ocean, etc.
We do full LAMP service for the installation, hosting, and maintenance.
We make sure your WordPress site is up and running at all times.
Completely managed your own VPS (Virtual Private Server) starts at $10 per month.

Web design and application design projects involve a litany of moving parts. Our process, tested by time and dedicated to client communication and collaboration, is critical to the success of our projects.

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