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Windows 10 for WordPress

WordPress site can run on LAMP on Ubuntu on Windows Linux Subsystem.

sshfs to macOS from Linux Subsystem is not available because fuse is not yet implemented on Linux Subsystem. However, the other way around is possible. sshfs mount directory on Linux Subsystem to macOS folder. Or simply use Windows Network File and Folder Sharing and macOS will mount it in the Finder. This makes file sharing between Ubuntu on Windows Linux Subsystem and macOS seamless. By the way, Windows 10 is running in VirtualBox 6.0 on macOS 10.14.

Ubuntu App Opened
Ubuntu App Closed

The processes on Ubuntu are shown up among the processes in Windows Task Manager. This is beyond my expectation and really cool. Look at the apache2 and mysqld in the Background processes!

WordPress Admin Dashboard
WordPress Front-end Admin Logged In
WordPress Front-end Admin Logged Out
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