Machine Learning
by ibinti

AI model has become to distinguish various sounds in the music, and can separate vocals from the final mix.

Latest Vocalremoved Songs
Date Title
07.27 21:49 y2meta.com -Liansuofan ying vocal
07.27 16:55 mac-miller-stay-official-music-video
07.27 16:41 mac-miller-whats-the-use-liveen-vivo-tiny-desk-lyrics-subtitulos-en-espanol
07.27 12:55 गड़य धर हकs ह #Vijay Chauhan Gariya Dhire Haka Ho #Shilpi Raj Bolbam Song 2021
07.27 12:50 2017 Ka पवन सह क सबस हट कवर गत - नईहर मत जई गउर - Bhojpuri Hit Kawar Songs 2017
07.27 12:47 VIDEO Samar Singh बब मर भल क कब म ह Antra Singh Priyanka New Bol Bam Song 2021
07.27 12:44 झमल हल ऐ भल #Pawan Singh क नय बलबम धमक Video Bhojpuri New Bolbam Song 2021
07.27 12:42 #Video - हर हर महदव Ritesh Pandey क भजपर कवर गत Bhojpuri Bolbam Song 2021 Har har mahadev
07.27 12:37 #Khesari Lal Yadav #बब तर मसत ह 2021 New Bol Bam Song Kanwar Geet 2021
07.27 12:32 Akshara Singh Ritesh Pandey क महशवरतर सपशल गन Bhangiya Karela Chhati
07.27 12:27 #Khesari Lal Yadav #बब... भल नथ क दवन #Antra Singh Priyanka New Bolbam Song 2021
07.27 02:21 KHESARI LAL YADAV Balam Reel Bana Lena - बलम रल बन लन Superhit Bolbum Kanwar Song 2021

Upload a music file and receive an email with vocal separated tracks.

Audio and video file types such as mp3 (audio), mp4 (video), m4a (mp4 audio only) are supported. Other types work if the audio track is compatible.

File is queued and processed in turn. Music source separation AI does take some time, you will receive an email with mp3 attachments when all things are done and ready. Sit back and relax!

If you do not receive attachments email, make sure your email service does not block emails from or use others that are not limited. Known limited providers include hotmail. Let me know.