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9:43 AM mahadi hasan khan thanks guys
9:43 AM mahadi hasan khan off tho work
9:43 AM mahadi hasan khan keep chilling
9:43 AM Sunny-さん less stress same effect
9:43 AM SohailSAyed Deadline to finish a feature by tomorrow morning, HeRe We Go!!!!
9:43 AM Dezo Jr anything for my bro
9:43 AM Sunny-さん and you dont have to feed it
9:44 AM mahadi hasan khan best of luck
9:44 AM Sunny-さん best of fate
9:44 AM Sunny-さん πŸ™‚
9:46 AM clereax haha best lofi livestream ^^
9:49 AM Sumit Joshi best of luck to all
9:49 AM Sumit Joshi may your dreams comes ture
9:50 AM AZEER ELİYEV har şaerizelsin o vΓΌxdΓΌ
9:51 AM 14_YashKumar hey joma I subbed u and when I reload my page, your channel is unsubbed again 😢
9:54 AM iristhevirus happy coding!
9:54 AM Alfred Lanning Control Systems
9:54 AM Alfred Lanning Mechatronics
9:57 AM Andrei hello guys
10:00 AM AZEER ELİYEV 21:00 oldu112
10:00 AM snsnns jajans how to live life??
10:00 AM Andrei idk man 😞
10:00 AM snsnns jajans bro I am depressed
10:00 AM Andrei same bro
10:00 AM snsnns jajans what happened to you bro
10:01 AM Yiwen Zhu life rm -f
10:01 AM Andrei idk. I dont have stuff to do and im bored
10:01 AM snsnns jajans where are you from?
10:01 AM Heider Moura Begin a train a fight bro. I can say Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu save lifes.
10:02 AM Andrei was thinking of going to the gym again
10:02 AM snsnns jajans which country do you belong?
10:03 AM Andrei why does it matter? Where are you from?
10:03 AM snsnns jajans INDIA
10:03 AM snsnns jajans you?
10:03 AM Andrei somwhere in europe
10:03 AM snsnns jajans ooh nice
10:04 AM Heider Moura Nice. Gym, sports, exercise physical helps in depression.
10:04 AM Heider Moura I From BRazil
10:04 AM snsnns jajans are you a coder?
10:06 AM Sophia Belenkova pretty sure it's russia or belarus
10:06 AM Carlos Turibio I from Brazil
10:06 AM Carlos Turibio Palmas, To
10:07 AM Ned Groom anyone not getting sound?
10:07 AM juleea studio GOODNIGHT EVERYONE
10:10 AM Sunny-さん anyone knows how to sleep at night
10:10 AM Sunny-さん should i shut down my laptop and phone at 6?
10:10 AM Sunny-さん and wear blue light glasses
10:10 AM Sunny-さん ?
10:10 AM Sunny-さん what else can i do?
10:10 AM Sunny-さん wabba labba dub dub
10:11 AM Salah Eddine Farij buffering
10:13 AM Divyansh kumar yo
10:14 AM Ahmad Hassan is coding hard
10:14 AM Divyansh kumar not exactly but sometimes
10:14 AM Webway import turtle
10:14 AM Ahmad Hassan is it worth it to become a software engineer
10:15 AM FlamingDeception if you like coding then yes
10:15 AM Sunny-さん being a swe is hard
10:15 AM FlamingDeception ^
10:15 AM Divyansh kumar i don't have an answer for that
10:15 AM Divyansh kumar swe?
10:15 AM Sunny-さん but you should do it
10:15 AM FlamingDeception its a pretty stressful job since a lot of the work is fixing things that are broken
10:15 AM Hamza Play rockstar made by Playboi carti next
10:16 AM Divyansh kumar but coding is fun well atleast for me
10:17 AM Ahmad Hassan is swe a stressful job
10:18 AM FlamingDeception theory vs reality
10:18 AM FlamingDeception it depends where you're working and what you do
10:19 AM FlamingDeception i'm at AWS so we have very tight deadlines
10:19 AM Ahmad Hassan why it wo difficult to choose a career
10:19 AM FlamingDeception it's hard
10:19 AM FlamingDeception requires knowing both yourself and the future
10:20 AM Divyansh kumar aws is bad everytime i wanna use free tier it ask for credit card
10:20 AM FlamingDeception and picking from a list of choices that you don't fully experience
10:20 AM Sunny-さん its stressful
10:21 AM Sunny-さん but you all dont have mental problems
10:21 AM Sunny-さん so you should be good
10:21 AM Sunny-さん its a big challenge for me
10:21 AM Divyansh kumar which mental problem and who had it
10:21 AM Sunny-さん i have 2 interviews this week
10:21 AM Sunny-さん im bipolar
10:21 AM Sunny-さん sisyphus in the flesh
10:22 AM Divyansh kumar damn bro
10:22 AM Sunny-さん its fine
10:22 AM Ahmad Hassan why it is. so difficult to choose a career
10:22 AM Sunny-さん ill endure as long as i can
10:22 AM Divyansh kumar you good with it?
10:22 AM Sunny-さん its easy when you realize you dont have a choice
10:23 AM Sunny-さん God picks our duties in life
10:23 AM Divyansh kumar Because career is for your life long till you die
10:23 AM Sunny-さん nature and nurture
10:23 AM Divyansh kumar and does this problem have a solution?
10:23 AM Sunny-さん no
10:23 AM Sunny-さん just follow your heart
10:23 AM so deep these music really makes me love my Job
10:24 AM Ahmad Hassan can any body tells me how to choose a career
10:24 AM Sunny-さん if you need music to love your job ill pray for you
10:25 AM Divyansh kumar lol how to choose a career? write all you option on paper slip and paste it on wall and throw a dart
10:25 AM so deep be a human, subhumans are everywhere
10:25 AM Sunny flip a coin
10:25 AM Divyansh kumar what is human? i feel like we are animals
10:26 AM Sunny same thing
10:26 AM Divyansh kumar or even worse
10:26 AM Sunny you will do what fate has assigned
10:26 AM Diogo Fontes but we are animals
10:26 AM Sunny there is no escaping your destiny
10:26 AM Ahmad Hassan if a job has good scipe
10:26 AM so deep we all know that
10:26 AM Divyansh kumar yesss
10:26 AM Sunny good
10:27 AM Sunny we werent born with free will
10:27 AM Sunny stop confusing your selves
10:27 AM Divyansh kumar thats a lot of truth i heard today 😬
10:27 AM Ahmad Hassan if a job like swe has good scope as well as good salary should we adopt it despite our interest in it ??
10:27 AM Mr. Molina No we are born with free will.
10:27 AM so deep is there any1 working on a deadline while listening to this?
10:28 AM Sunny prove it
10:28 AM Sunny when did you get freewill?
10:28 AM Max Kushy Best advice for learning to code?
10:28 AM Divyansh kumar some are not, from the earliest our parents have already decided what we should be in future
10:28 AM Sunny free code camp
10:28 AM so deep Max u are here to learn code .!
10:28 AM Divyansh kumar like what to eat where to live what to say where to go
10:29 AM Divyansh kumar we are not free though
10:29 AM Ahmad Hassan is coding a fun.
10:29 AM Sunny our parents?
10:29 AM so deep no coding is not fun
10:29 AM Sunny or nature=god
10:29 AM Sunny or both?
10:29 AM Divyansh kumar yes ournparent
10:29 AM so deep its like hell if ur new
10:29 AM Off brand senku im trynna start coding
10:29 AM Ahmad Hassan civil engineering vs software engineering which one is the best??
10:29 AM Off brand senku if you find right vids on yt is easy
10:30 AM Sunny civil engineering if you want to collect a check
10:30 AM Dezo Jr ok
10:30 AM Sunny swe if you want to work
10:30 AM Off brand senku *its also its easy at first
10:30 AM Dezo Jr Whats civil engineering
10:31 AM Max Kushy do aerospace engineering it's cool
10:31 AM Off brand senku engineering civics πŸ€·β€β™‚
10:31 AM Divyansh kumar check civil Engineering on google
10:31 AM Vittawat Boontham yt
10:31 AM Ahmad Hassan civil engineering is discipline related to design and construction of roads dams bridges etc.
10:31 AM Divyansh kumar its a long answer and explanation
10:31 AM Dezo Jr i tried aerospace engineering but i dont have the money
10:31 AM Max Kushy civil engineering is engineering society
10:31 AM Dezo Jr i am only 13 yrs old
10:32 AM so deep πŸ˜†
10:32 AM Max Kushy oh ;(
10:32 AM Divyansh kumar chill out dude then
10:32 AM Zaarzet name : zaarzet
10:32 AM Dezo Jr im picking computer science as my gcse
10:32 AM Sunny lol wth with these 13 year olds want to build the future
10:32 AM Sunny at their age i was making lego
10:32 AM Max Kushy not even in hs smh
10:33 AM Divyansh kumar me to bro πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
10:33 AM so deep πŸ˜†
10:33 AM Sally Madson hi
10:33 AM Sunny youre only young once
10:33 AM Dezo Jr does any of you guys do python
10:33 AM Sunny enjoy your youth
10:33 AM Ahmad Hassan i am so worried about my future because I have completed my 12th and futher want to move a university but dont know what should i do.
10:33 AM so deep u r 13
10:33 AM Divyansh kumar yeah then life kills you again and again
10:33 AM Sunny you have your whole life to work
10:33 AM Dezo Jr yeah
10:33 AM so deep what u doing here
10:33 AM Utkarsh Shukla hello
10:34 AM Dezo Jr i love computing
10:34 AM Sally Madson hi
10:34 AM Dezo Jr i tried to learn web devlepment at 11
10:34 AM Divyansh kumar hey
10:34 AM Sunny always computing
10:34 AM Al3gr0 does someone know a good python course for free? i already know the basics and managed to solve some kys 5/6/7/8 tasks on codewars, but the 5 and 6 kys tasks are really making trouble sometimes
10:34 AM Dezo Jr computing is og bro
10:35 AM so deep b4 u love computing learn Printf("")
10:35 AM Al3gr0 kyu**
10:35 AM Dezo Jr i know that
10:35 AM so deep y u listening to music
10:35 AM Sunny no one on this planet is free
10:35 AM Dezo Jr print("I love coding")
10:35 AM Sunny we are all govern by physical laws
10:35 AM Divyansh kumar yay python
10:35 AM so deep oyeah u know printf("")
10:35 AM Max Kushy printf("I love coding);
10:35 AM Dezo Jr i know float
10:35 AM Divyansh kumar error
10:36 AM Sunny coding and poetry writing goes hand in hand
10:36 AM Al3gr0 Sunny do you know some affordable courses maybe that are good?
10:36 AM Sunny anyone writes?
10:36 AM so deep then tell me what is f in printf
10:36 AM Dezo Jr i made a calculator before
10:36 AM Sunny try udemy
10:36 AM Max Kushy try cs50
10:36 AM Dezo Jr f stands for formated
10:36 AM Dezo Jr *formatted
10:36 AM Muzammil @Al3gr0 bro check mosh hamadani python course
10:37 AM so deep Bingo there you Go thanks Google
10:37 AM Sunny cs50 is too college like
10:37 AM Sunny it bores me
10:37 AM James Steele Start with cs50
10:37 AM Divyansh kumar lol
10:37 AM Sunny udemy is roll up your sleeve work
10:37 AM James Steele it helps you learn the fundamentals
10:37 AM Muzammil does cs50 certification help?
10:38 AM Jd_HD holy 11 hours
10:38 AM Divyansh kumar udemy + torrent = free stuff
10:38 AM James Steele It will help you stay on track and complete everything
10:38 AM James Steele However I have no idea how it will help in the job market
10:38 AM Al3gr0 @James Steele what do you consider fundamentals? i would say my fundamentals are quite fine
10:38 AM Sunny here is my last tip until i study
10:38 AM Sunny you dont own your gf
10:38 AM James Steele lmfao when did I say they weren't
10:39 AM Sunny she is not your property
10:39 AM James Steele @Al3gr0
10:39 AM Sunny dont marry her
10:39 AM Sunny dont stalk her
10:39 AM Taiwo Sowemimo Hello everyone
10:39 AM Sunny if she cheats she cheats
10:39 AM Divyansh kumar bro πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
10:39 AM James Steele what kinda sigma male bs is this
10:39 AM simpleshape who's learning java now
10:39 AM Al3gr0 yea i know, i just wanted to know what you consider as fundamentals, because you said i should start cs50 for the fundamentals
10:40 AM James Steele Oh sorry haha didn't mean to come off abrasive
10:40 AM Dezo Jr is this over kill for my education if iam studying 15 hours a day
10:40 AM Al3gr0 what do you guys think about programminghub? they got some nice offers sometimes with 95% off
10:40 AM James Steele It helps you understand the backbone of a computer and how to write solid, non-hacky code.
10:40 AM Muzammil how much do you guys get paid?
10:40 AM James Steele If you understand RAM and how a computer interprets code, you'll write faster, cleaner code too. The other thing about CS50 is the problem sets really make you think
10:41 AM Dezo Jr i dont get paid
10:41 AM James Steele A lot of the udemy courses i've taken are just, build this thing that already exists
10:41 AM Muzammil same lol
10:41 AM Dezo Jr i know ram ram is the memory in your computer
10:41 AM Dezo Jr it makes it faster
10:41 AM Divyansh kumar not exactly
10:42 AM Dezo Jr do u watch linus
10:42 AM Dezo Jr tech tip
10:42 AM Al3gr0 @Muzammil i am getting like 1.200€ a month, but i am studying while working
10:42 AM Divyansh kumar ram is a temporary place to store the variable with address, the thing which makes your pc fast is ssd
10:42 AM James Steele It stores volatile memory i.e. memory stored through electricity. When your computer shuts off, the memory is gone
10:42 AM Dezo Jr ok
10:42 AM Divyansh kumar and if you want to speed up processsing the upgrade your processor
10:43 AM Dezo Jr thats true @James Steele
10:43 AM James Steele RAM is temporary while Hard drive (or SSD) space is physical
10:43 AM Al3gr0 M.2 NvmE SSD Gang wy@?
10:43 AM Dezo Jr whats your guys opinions which ones better intel or amd
10:43 AM James Steele when you declare a function in a programming language, the value returned from that function is stored in RAM
10:43 AM Dezo Jr cause im building a pc
10:43 AM Yevgeniy Alexeyenko Hello, gentlemen
10:43 AM Dezo Jr at 13 years old
10:44 AM Al3gr0 @Dezo Jr matters on what you wanna do, and how performant the pc should be
10:44 AM James Steele oh god @Dezo Jr you just opened a can of worms
10:44 AM Al3gr0 but atm i would say AMD all the way
10:44 AM Divyansh kumar m.2 and NVMe are two different type of socket and work model
10:44 AM Dezo Jr @James Steele what does a can of worms mean
10:44 AM James Steele Gaming and internet browsing only go with an intel i5. Any real video work, IoT, or serious workload go with Ryzen
10:44 AM Divyansh kumar NVMe is way faster than sata or m.2
10:45 AM Divyansh kumar @Dezo Jr meaning you triggered a bunch of people i guess
10:45 AM Al3gr0 isnt NVMe just a type of M.2? you need m.2 slot for an NVMe SSD as far as i know
10:23 AM Sunny-��ん nature and nurture
10:45 AM Dezo Jr oh thank you
10:46 AM Al3gr0 so there can be a m.2 without having nvme but there cant be an nvme without having an m.2 slot i guess? or am i misunderstanding something here?
10:46 AM James Steele @Al3gr0 most modern motherboards have >=1 M.2 slot
10:46 AM Dezo Jr @Divyansh kumar what do you mean by trigged a bunch of people?
10:46 AM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlete spaсе) 18+ VIDEО CHAT! )))!!!
10:46 AM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlete spaсе) 18+ VIDEО CHAT! !)))
10:46 AM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlete spaсе) 18+ VIDEО CHAT! )))!
10:46 AM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlete spaсе) 18+ VIDEО CHAT! !!!!
10:47 AM Al3gr0 @James Steele yea i know that, i was just reffering to what @Divyansh kumar said about NVME and M.2 isnt the same, i mean i know its not, but it kinda relies on each other i would say
10:47 AM Dezo Jr Are thre bots on the chats
10:47 AM James Steele @Al3gr0 one is just the connector type (SATA, USB, etc.) while the other is the protocol it uses. M.2 is the connector while NVME is the protocol
10:48 AM Dezo Jr @James Steele
10:48 AM Divyansh kumar @Al3gr0 that only works if your m.2 supports NVMe
10:48 AM James Steele NVME means it uses your motherboards PCIe lanes to write and read
10:48 AM Divyansh kumar so meaning your socket should support m.2 drives and NVMe drives
10:48 AM Dezo Jr is better to have 32gb of ram or 16 gb of ram for coding
10:48 AM James Steele Which is way faster
10:48 AM Al3gr0 yea okey then i meant the same than you did, just didnt explain it properly, so i kinda wanted to say the same
10:48 AM Divyansh kumar if you see the shape the m.2 has an extra cut
10:49 AM Divyansh kumar oh okay sorry
10:49 AM Al3gr0 yea i know what i've got, mine M.2 supports NVMe, so does my motherboard, maybe i just explained it wrong, my bad
10:49 AM Divyansh kumar @Dezo Jr i mean you attracted many people with your words or question at a time
10:49 AM James Steele You can have a SATA M.2 or an NVMe M.2. An NVMe M.2 is the fastest by far
10:49 AM Dezo Jr ok
10:49 AM Al3gr0 @Dezo Jr i would say obviously more ram is always better
10:50 AM James Steele Both look like the same stick of gum
10:50 AM Dezo Jr you should use pcpartpicker
10:50 AM Divyansh kumar yes NVMe is crazy fast..... mine is 2.7GB per second
10:50 AM Al3gr0 @James Steele yea i know that, thats why i asked said particular nvme m.2, but i guess its an irrelevant discussion
10:51 AM Dezo Jr @Divyansh kumar is that a good thing that i attracted many people
10:51 AM James Steele Alright I gotta get back to work. Good luck with your build @Dezo Jr .
10:51 AM Dezo Jr thank you
10:51 AM TQT-DrDrunkenstein hello
10:51 AM Al3gr0 @Divyansh kumar mine is only 2.6 GB per second, dammit πŸ˜€
10:52 AM Divyansh kumar @Dezo Jr yeah make as many friends as possible because when you get older you will have a very hard time making and finding friends
10:52 AM Divyansh kumar @Al3gr0 i won 😁
10:52 AM Dezo Jr i got loads of friends
10:53 AM Al3gr0 i guess you did, but did you manage to get your hands on an 30 RTX Graphics card? 😁
10:53 AM Juan Jesus Gomez Perez Hey could someone help me with the develop of a e-commerce wbsite with sync and async function?
10:53 AM Divyansh kumar but only 2 or 3 friends are your real
10:53 AM Divyansh kumar @A
10:53 AM Dezo Jr no but therre rtx 3080 gigabyte white version for 1199
10:54 AM Divyansh kumar you have rtx?
10:54 AM Dezo Jr Β£1199
10:54 AM Dezo Jr no
10:54 AM Dezo Jr its in stock
10:54 AM Dezo Jr but i might get it for my build
10:54 AM Divyansh kumar @Al3gr0 rtx? really?
10:54 AM Al3gr0 ive got an 3060ti
10:54 AM Al3gr0 @Divyansh kumar why not? is that a bad thing? πŸ˜€
10:54 AM Dezo Jr i dont game
10:55 AM Dezo Jr if i game im getting a rtx 3080
10:55 AM Divyansh kumar i have a m1 chip which is good for me as i prefer portability
10:55 AM Divyansh kumar but this m1 got a lot of issues
10:55 AM Divyansh kumar @Dezo Jr asking or saying?
10:55 AM Al3gr0 ive actually think about getting a Macbook, is it worth it?
10:55 AM Juan Jesus Gomez Perez Hey could someone help me with the develop of a e-commerce wbsite with sync and async function?
10:56 AM Divyansh kumar for now its not worth the m1 because of very serious issues
10:56 AM AZEER ELİYEV alaezi seem
10:56 AM Divyansh kumar you might wanna wait for sometime till they get fixed
10:57 AM Dezo Jr asking
10:57 AM Al3gr0 okey, then i'll stick to my PC and my work Laptop i guess
10:57 AM Dezo Jr but it out of stock that i want
10:58 AM Endri Raco yt
10:58 AM Divyansh kumar @Dezo Jr not you dont need an 30 series until you game a lot or AAA game or maybe compatitative
10:58 AM Divyansh kumar @Al3gr0 for now yes stick to pc, to be honest i cant able to install tensorflow too
10:58 AM Divyansh kumar Unsupported
10:58 AM Dezo Jr ok
10:59 AM Dezo Jr but soon i might get into gaming
10:59 AM Divyansh kumar yeah gaming is cool
10:59 AM Divyansh kumar i wish i could game some more
10:59 AM Dezo Jr im hoping my pc will last for 5+
10:59 AM Dezo Jr so i dont have to upgrade every 2 years
10:59 AM Divyansh kumar if custom build it will easily last 5+
10:59 AM Al3gr0 @Dezo Jr dont get into gaming, that might ruin your life, its hard for me to focus on something productive when i know i could game at that time( I know bad mindset, but it is what it is)
11:00 AM Dezo Jr yeah thats what my parents says
11:00 AM Divyansh kumar @Al3gr0 bro thats the exact reason i got a macbook
11:00 AM Divyansh kumar Seriously thats the only reason
11:01 AM Senad Djelovic I think my kids gamer addicts. any advice?
11:01 AM Divyansh kumar i was too addicted on games but now i can't play
11:01 AM Dezo Jr wow
11:01 AM winter anything custom built will easily last 5+ years, and also it depends on what you want to do with it. My daily driver is something I built exactly 5 years ago and still works like a charm
11:01 AM Al3gr0 @Divyansh kumar i'll code Python with PyCharm anyway, and i am not that good at coding at the moment anyway, i am still studying and its quite hard to be productive all the way
11:01 AM Al3gr0 @Divyansh kumar may i ask how old you are? πŸ™‚
11:01 AM Divyansh kumar @Senad Djelovic limit time
11:01 AM Divyansh kumar @Al3gr0 i am 19..... you?
11:02 AM Divyansh kumar @Al3gr0 i have a decent knowledge about coding
11:02 AM Dezo Jr my teachers are telling me to code on python idle but i do it on pycharm i dont know
11:02 AM Divyansh kumar python C# kotlin java and a bit of C++
11:02 AM Al3gr0 @Senad Djelovic but try to be understanding, dont make them feel like they cant decide on their own anymore, that makes them rage only more, it was like that in my case with my dad
11:02 AM Dezo Jr i know a little about html
11:02 AM Al3gr0 @Divyansh kumar i am 20 atm
11:02 AM Divyansh kumar @Dezo Jr both are same chill
11:02 AM Dezo Jr ok
11:03 AM Senad Djelovic thanks
11:03 AM Al3gr0 @Dezo Jr html isn't even a coding language if you want to look at it in detail
11:03 AM Dezo Jr python idle looks outdated
11:03 AM Divyansh kumar @Al3gr0 oh you are older 😬
11:03 AM Dezo Jr html is a mark up language
11:03 AM Al3gr0 @Divyansh kumar yea seems like i am, and i am from germany btw
11:03 AM winter @Al3gr0 true but learning to read the structure is useful
11:03 AM Divyansh kumar yes it is outdated but if your teachers say we cant do anything
11:04 AM Jaideep Prashar how is this a never ending live?
11:04 AM Divyansh kumar @Al3gr0 i am asian, from india specifically
11:04 AM Dezo Jr same
11:04 AM Al3gr0 @winter yea html was the first "Coding" language i learnt too when i was in school, so i am able to read and write most of html and css
11:04 AM Dezo Jr im from kerela
11:04 AM Dezo Jr but i live in the uk
11:04 AM Al3gr0 @Divyansh kumar i am working with some indian colleagues at my company πŸ™‚
11:05 AM Divyansh kumar uk is great other than insects
11:05 AM Dezo Jr ok
11:05 AM Mathew Antony I’m from kerala too
11:05 AM Dezo Jr you speak malayalam
11:05 AM Dezo Jr im 13
11:05 AM Divyansh kumar @Al3gr0 i am also looking forward to get into collage 😁
11:05 AM Mathew Antony Nalla chodyam
11:05 AM Divyansh kumar @Dezo Jr no bro i am from haryana
11:05 AM winter @Al3gr0 html/css was my intro too
11:05 AM Dezo Jr is that tamilnadu
11:06 AM a stropssa h
11:06 AM a stropssa nice
11:06 AM Divyansh kumar @Al3gr0 how much have you learned in python
11:06 AM Al3gr0 @Divyansh kumar in germany we have a so called "Duales Studium" so the company pays the university and the hotel at the university place for the time i have my seminars, while i work for them //1
11:06 AM Jaideep Prashar I'll be really honest I really want a career in tech but idk why I'm so bad at coding and all. I'm really scared considering by college ends in like 1.5 years
11:06 AM Mathew Antony Evide poyalum oru malayali undavum😍
11:06 AM Divyansh kumar let me boost it up a bit
11:06 AM Tem Sto disgusting
11:06 AM Al3gr0 the other times when i am not in university //2
11:06 AM Tem Sto vr action
11:06 AM Dezo Jr i dont realy understand malyalam
11:07 AM Divyansh kumar @Al3gr0 damn bro that cool i wish it happens here too
11:07 AM winter @Al3gr0 Duales sounds hella nice
11:07 AM Divyansh kumar i heard a lot about Germany and the quality of education
11:08 AM Al3gr0 @Divyansh kumar i solved some algorithms on codewars, i would say i am better with numbers and the math things behind python, my problem is working with strings, i dont know why it is like that
11:08 AM Dezo Jr @Divyansh kumar do you do the JEE test there
11:08 AM winter @Divyansh kumar i feel like the quality of education in European countries just much better, coming from a US point of view lol
11:08 AM Dezo Jr mathematics is my strong point
11:08 AM Divyansh kumar i have a chance to study abroad if that become possible i have germany in my list 😁
11:09 AM Al3gr0 @Divyansh kumar @winter yea it is quite nice, and meanwhile they pay for the university, i am also getting paid for the work, and have my free days like a normal employee
11:09 AM Divyansh kumar @Dezo Jr i gave a trial
11:09 AM Dezo Jr i know how to how to do quadratic graphs and factorise quadratic equations
11:09 AM Dezo Jr did you do well
11:09 AM Divyansh kumar @winter yes but still better than my country
11:10 AM Dezo Jr i doing good i school
11:10 AM Al3gr0 @Divyansh kumar i can only recommend to come here, we have some great university here, but i would say as a german inhibitant that german people can be really stressfull
11:10 AM Dezo Jr did you do well
11:10 AM Divyansh kumar @Al3gr0 so whats the problem with strings?
11:10 AM Dezo Jr We got one of the best uni out there cambridge and oxford
11:11 AM Nicky Rop Hello everyone
11:11 AM Dezo Jr i know a 15 year guy that going to cambridge
11:11 AM Divyansh kumar @Al3gr0 if i get admissions their then i will be 100% coming
11:11 AM Al3gr0 @Divyansh kumar theres not such a problem with strings, more with string functions, something like seperating the characters of a string and count it or something, thats easy in a list for me, //1
11:11 AM Al3gr0 but i cant do it with strings somehow //2
11:12 AM Al3gr0 @Divyansh kumar sounds hella nice
11:12 AM Dezo Jr do you guys have discord
11:12 AM Al3gr0 but i have to admit, i only started to learn python like a week or 2 weeks ago on my own, but i had C and Java in University tought by a professor
11:12 AM Divyansh kumar @Al3gr0 yes strings have a lot of operation but only few of them are the real one you will use not all
11:13 AM Dezo Jr My computer science teacher introduced it to me like 5 weeks ago
11:13 AM winter @Divyansh kumar nahh tbh i think India's competitive schooling system makes better students/people who know fundamentals more. The US is so lackluster (teaching useless content all the time)
11:13 AM Al3gr0 @Divyansh kumar yea on codewars some riddles are based on knowing the string functions and combine them and so on, thats kinda lame
11:14 AM Dezo Jr my parents are so competitive in my education
11:14 AM Dezo Jr *for
11:15 AM Divyansh kumar @Al3gr0 they are capitalize, count, endswith, find, format, index, islower, isupper, join, lower, replace, swapcase, split, upper,splitlines
11:15 AM Divyansh kumar these are enough for machine learning and Artificial intelligence
11:15 AM Dezo Jr in america they call it high school but in the uk they call it secondary school theres a chain of school that you need to write an exam at 11 year old to get there at 12 year old
11:15 AM Al3gr0 @Dezo Jr that might sound bad, but be aware that they only want the best for you, dont mistreat them
11:16 AM Dezo Jr yeah
11:16 AM winter @Divyansh kumar tbh just learn pandas, and go through a mini project and you'll learn plenty of python
11:16 AM Al3gr0 @Divyansh kumar okey wow, i didnt expect you could do that with just these functions
11:16 AM Divyansh kumar @winter somehow i don't like here, maybe because of surrounding or something but for me as an india and most of the indian they will prefer to study abroad
11:16 AM winter @Dezo Jr yeah no entrance exams in the US except SAT that's it. And IMO SAT is a joke
11:17 AM Dezo Jr theres an sat
11:17 AM Divyansh kumar @winter yes i am using pandas in machine learning
11:17 AM Dezo Jr test for you at 11 years old
11:17 AM Dezo Jr in the uk
11:17 AM winter @Divyansh kumar oh i was just adding on to your comment
11:17 AM Divyansh kumar @Al3gr0 i wish i could also explain it but within few min i have to sleep
11:18 AM Al3gr0 @Dezo Jr in germany we have a so called "Abitur" whats basically just a test of asking stuff you have to learn and can forget afterwards, except for smthg. like math, where you need to know smthg
11:18 AM Dezo Jr what time is it there
11:18 AM Dezo Jr ok
11:18 AM Al3gr0 i just wanted to ask the same what time it is
11:18 AM winter alright i gotta head out guys, have a great night or day wherever you are at πŸ™‚
11:18 AM Al3gr0 you too winter πŸ™‚
11:19 AM Dezo Jr thank you
11:19 AM Divyansh kumar @winter yes but if you ask any indian student our first priority would be US, Germany, canada, aus
11:19 AM Dezo Jr no uk
11:19 AM Francesco Scollo i take practice with custom css wordpress
11:19 AM winter @Divyansh kumar that's fair
11:19 AM Al3gr0 switzerland is actually pretty good too and maybe a bit underrated
11:19 AM Divyansh kumar some of my friends and my uncle suggested aus
11:20 AM Dezo Jr aus is the best for medicine
11:20 AM Dezo Jr practice
11:20 AM Dezo Jr my relatives are in australia
11:20 AM Dezo Jr and they make millions
11:20 AM Divyansh kumar thats cool
11:20 AM Dezo Jr but in the uk with same jobs you make 6 figures anually
11:21 AM Divyansh kumar country to country usage and need
11:21 AM Dezo Jr Australia is a save place
11:22 AM Dezo Jr they have lo corona rates
11:22 AM Divyansh kumar save?
11:22 AM Dezo Jr i hate spiders
11:22 AM Divyansh kumar why
11:22 AM Al3gr0 germany is actually a bad country to make good money, its hard to get over a 100k anually if you are an employee
11:22 AM Divyansh kumar oh okay
11:22 AM Dezo Jr same in the uk
11:23 AM Divyansh kumar dont ask about here
11:23 AM Dezo Jr thats why my perants are self employed
11:23 AM Al3gr0 i guess as a coder you should prob go to america, bcuz you can get easiest money over there
11:23 AM Divyansh kumar i might....... i am planning
11:23 AM Dezo Jr most people on youtube are from america an they are pretty rich
11:23 AM Dezo Jr Joma is rich
11:23 AM Divyansh kumar their pay rates is good
11:24 AM Al3gr0 well we have some pretty rich youtubers too, but youtube is another story, and is not really an employee job
11:24 AM Dezo Jr is 60 dollars an hour good
11:24 AM Divyansh kumar youtube pays good too
11:24 AM Munjenko or you can work for an american company online
11:24 AM Al3gr0 but actually the pay rates on youtube are pretty different
11:24 AM Munjenko sorry to interrupt
11:24 AM Dezo Jr thats what my neighbour does
11:24 AM Divyansh kumar its based on ads right
11:24 AM Andrea B 60/hr in the US is way above minimum wage... even in more expensive states
11:24 AM Divyansh kumar @Munjenko yeah come on bro
11:25 AM Sunny but its immoral
11:25 AM Sunny 😞
11:25 AM Dezo Jr is that good
11:25 AM Al3gr0 @Munjenko thats quite hard from germany, bcuz germany got some pretty big bureaucracy, and its quite hard to do that with the taxes and so on based from the law
11:25 AM Munjenko 60/hr is actually mad
11:25 AM Andrea B Yeah thats way over six figures lol
11:25 AM Al3gr0 @Divyansh kumar yea, american youtubers get like 10x more per view on an ad compared to german youtubers
11:25 AM Divyansh kumar even for developers?
11:25 AM Andrea B like $100K+
11:25 AM Dezo Jr thats was an offer what my dad got
11:26 AM Sunny money doesnt make one a better coder
11:26 AM Divyansh kumar @Al3gr0 😯😯
11:26 AM Sunny πŸ™‚
11:26 AM Dezo Jr it $243360 a year
11:26 AM Al3gr0 matters on if you get 60/hr paid for your job, or if you get 60/hr payed on your bank account
11:26 AM Dezo Jr yup
11:26 AM Andrea B You can live pretty comfortably in most of the US for that salary
11:27 AM Munjenko a friend of mine recently started working for a uk company as a junior programmer and in the 1st two months he could afford a macbook pro and an iphone 12 easily
11:27 AM Sunny yup
11:27 AM Dezo Jr joma made a similar salary
11:27 AM Al3gr0 developers in my country are charged with around 150€/hr bcuz the company has to pay taxes, have to pay buildings a.s.o.,
11:27 AM Andrea B some parts of california are really expensive and it would be considered an average salary
11:27 AM Sunny money doesnt make you happy
11:27 AM Divyansh kumar US is great for living, other than taxes
11:27 AM Sunny ask joma
11:27 AM Dezo Jr you should plan live in the uae
11:27 AM Al3gr0 @Sunny thats true, but if you have money you are more likely to not get sad
11:28 AM Dezo Jr its a tax free country
11:28 AM Al3gr0 i am more likely to be rich and sad, than being poor and sad
11:28 AM Andrea B i live in california but I dont want to be in the US for the rest of my life lol
11:28 AM Divyansh kumar uae is beautiful and a wealthy country but for some reason i don't like it much
11:28 AM Munjenko @Al3gr0 πŸ’―
11:28 AM Carlos Solano cali taxes are too high for me lmao
11:28 AM Andrea B yeah @Al3gr0
11:29 AM Dezo Jr it looks like a city on a desert
11:29 AM Divyansh kumar yes everything is a desert
11:29 AM AZEER ELİYEV benasdan wi fi goş kq ljk 127 anoy cΓΌr yΓΌΓΌ 112
11:29 AM Dezo Jr I been to dubai it such good place
11:29 AM Sunny check you out andrea
11:29 AM Divyansh kumar and i guess the temperature this year skyrocked their
11:29 AM Al3gr0 you guys dont have to bother with german healthcare and so on, its mandatory to have a health care insurance, and some other insurances in germany
11:29 AM Sunny i want to move to greece
11:29 AM Divyansh kumar 50C i think
11:29 AM Sunny or ghana
11:29 AM Carlos Solano dubai is cool as hell
11:29 AM Dezo Jr wow
11:30 AM Andrea B Greece would be a dream
11:30 AM Dezo Jr yeah
11:30 AM Dezo Jr furturistic baby
11:30 AM Sunny you can be my aphrodite
11:30 AM Carlos Solano greece is a good choice in my opinion
11:30 AM Sunny πŸ˜‰
11:30 AM Andrea B Dubai is way more $$$ than California lol
11:30 AM Al3gr0 actually i'd like to live in switzerland some day, such an luxurious country
11:30 AM Carlos Solano thats true but dubai is still so fun
11:30 AM Dezo Jr my friend is going to greece for this summer holiday
11:30 AM Divyansh kumar japan is the one most comfortable for me
11:30 AM Sunny protect youtube at all times
11:31 AM AZEER ELİYEV kp yek 117.112
11:31 AM Sunny japan is good
11:31 AM Dezo Jr he invited me to go on holiday but i was on holiay as well
11:31 AM Carlos Solano Yeah but retiring in japan is so not cool with the way the benefits work
11:31 AM Divyansh kumar japan's countryside are just great!
11:31 AM Sunny i need to be where there is nature
11:31 AM Sunny japan is a big metropolis
11:31 AM Dezo Jr africa
11:31 AM Divyansh kumar yeah nature
11:31 AM Sunny city life making me cray cray
11:31 AM Carlos Solano I did some farming in japan with woofers and it was nice
11:32 AM Andrea B Japan is awesome
11:32 AM Sunny when i go to the park im so much at peace
11:32 AM Divyansh kumar would be cool in japan rigth
11:32 AM Dezo Jr I love how japan makes cool tech
11:32 AM MarioSmasry Saad he5o he5o
11:32 AM Dezo Jr they make good discisions
11:32 AM Andrea B i love their history and art for sure
11:32 AM Carlos Solano and some gadgets that make no sense too
11:32 AM Sunny i wouldnt mind moving to maine tho
11:32 AM Dezo Jr thier hotels are just boxes stacked
11:33 AM Divyansh kumar anime attracted me
11:33 AM Sunny andrea you got a ig
11:33 AM Al3gr0 what projects would you recommend to learn a coding language like python like really good?
11:33 AM Sunny damn i sound like mr robot
11:33 AM Dezo Jr dragan ball z
11:33 AM Carlos Solano I want to visit Canada and see how its like there
11:33 AM Dezo Jr sunny trying to get a girl
11:33 AM Sunny yoo chill
11:33 AM Sunny lol
11:33 AM Sunny i dont even have a ig
11:33 AM Carlos Solano pffffftt on a lofi stream
11:33 AM Sunny im weird like dat
11:34 AM Al3gr0 no cap naruto is the best anime at all
11:34 AM Andrea B not me being married lmfao
11:34 AM Sunny welcome to the new world order
11:34 AM Sunny have a divorce
11:34 AM Sunny i am here to free you from shackles
11:34 AM Carlos Solano oh my
11:34 AM Divyansh kumar you still in japan carlos?
11:34 AM Dezo Jr Sunny ask her whats her intrest
11:34 AM Dezo Jr then invite her to dinner
11:34 AM Divyansh kumar no once can beat naruto
11:34 AM Carlos Solano No I did that last year for 2 months
11:34 AM Divyansh kumar oh okay
11:35 AM Sunny thats a good is jr
11:35 AM Carlos Solano it was def fun and a good experience
11:35 AM Sunny ur such a gentleman
11:35 AM Sunny ur dad raised you well
11:35 AM Carlos Solano everyone was nice there
11:35 AM Sunny or mom
11:35 AM Dezo Jr thank you mr sunny..
11:35 AM Sunny @Andrea B what you get into?
11:35 AM Dezo Jr ask her age
11:35 AM Sunny ok buddy
11:35 AM Andrea B Check out DataCamp @Al3gr0 , they have a lot of awesome projects
11:35 AM Dezo Jr good
11:35 AM Ignacio Deter are dizz ok?
11:36 AM Sunny i aint a pretty boy but i aint ugly
11:36 AM Al3gr0 thanks @Andrea B
11:36 AM Andrea B im 55 with 4 kids and i weigh at least 300 pounds. gtg ... have a great day/night!
11:36 AM Carlos Solano Sunny you better start coding lmao
11:36 AM Dezo Jr oh
11:36 AM Sunny the ole black woman swindle
11:36 AM Sunny im 55 look 20
11:37 AM Sunny dont matter we still tangoing
11:37 AM Divyansh kumar @Carlos Solano but i hear they dont like outsiders
11:37 AM Dezo Jr bro whats happening
11:37 AM Sunny im good with kids, ill be a good step dad
11:37 AM Dezo Jr she probably have a discord
11:37 AM Sunny omg no
11:37 AM Sunny she on the darkweb
11:37 AM Carlos Solano Yeah if its for actual jobs then they normally dont take to well with outsiders for long term so they give you short term contracts
11:37 AM Al3gr0 sunny whats wrong with you
11:38 AM Sunny im in pain
11:38 AM Carlos Solano so you dont qualify for getting higher wages
11:38 AM Dezo Jr Sunny you no im 13 years old
11:38 AM Al3gr0 you should probably go to a doctor than
11:38 AM Dezo Jr im too young
11:38 AM Divyansh kumar oh okay
11:38 AM Sunny damn covid shot
11:38 AM Dezo Jr ahhhahhah
11:38 AM Sunny second dose
11:38 AM Divyansh kumar i should also go
11:38 AM Dezo Jr ahaha
11:38 AM Dezo Jr bye
11:38 AM Carlos Solano its still worth to check out even if its short term
11:38 AM Carlos Solano its a good experience
11:38 AM Divyansh kumar bye everyone, got a good time talking with you all
11:39 AM Al3gr0 thanks for the nice text @Divyansh kumar ,maybe we'll hear again
11:39 AM Divyansh kumar yes πŸ˜‡
11:39 AM Sunny im sorry andrea
11:39 AM Sunny youre attractive inside and out
11:39 AM Carlos Solano πŸ‘‹
11:39 AM Sunny have a happy marriage
11:39 AM Brandon Cepeda Dope
11:40 AM Dezo Jr sunny your taking it too far bro
11:40 AM Dezo Jr just chill out
11:40 AM Dezo Jr lmao
11:40 AM Sunny wait what???
11:40 AM Sunny omg
11:40 AM Sunny hahaha i cant win
11:40 AM Sunny imma go away for a while
11:40 AM Dezo Jr noooo!
11:40 AM Dezo Jr my friend
11:40 AM Sunny dude
11:41 AM Al3gr0 do you think @Joma Tech is reading the chat? πŸ˜€
11:41 AM Dezo Jr you cant leave andrea alone with 4 kids
11:41 AM clereax wtf guys
11:41 AM clereax πŸ˜†
11:41 AM Carlos Solano joma if u are im sorry about sunny
11:41 AM Carlos Solano he just really has a crush
11:42 AM Dezo Jr 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
11:42 AM clereax is someone coding right now? ;)
11:42 AM Al3gr0 just imagine he is coding right know, listening to his own livestream lofi beats, and reading the chat meanwhile
11:42 AM Al3gr0 wouldnt that be awesome
11:42 AM clereax i dont think so...
11:42 AM Sunny im in heat like the ole lebron!!!heeeeeyyy hawwwwww
11:42 AM Al3gr0 @clereax unluckily not coding rn
11:42 AM Dezo Jr Sunny bro
11:42 AM Sunny help my ex is trying to kill me for being a old dog
11:42 AM Dezo Jr how old are you sunny
11:43 AM Sunny 31\
11:43 AM Carlos Solano ima pick up my tacos now and come back, sunny you better start coding no cap πŸ˜†
11:43 AM Dezo Jr im 13
11:43 AM clereax @Al3gr0 yap, im not coding too xD. But i learn it right now 😲
11:43 AM Al3gr0 @clereax what are you learning?
11:43 AM clereax C++
11:43 AM Carlos Solano I was coding still i saw sunny lmao
11:43 AM Sunny reverse twin
11:43 AM Dezo Jr im listining to sunny's online love stor
11:43 AM Sunny hey give me an advice
11:43 AM Sunny and ill give you one
11:43 AM Sunny go
11:43 AM Dezo Jr *story
11:44 AM ERROR _CivicLine trying to use python rn
11:44 AM Al3gr0 @clereax oh i had C in university, please tell me C++ isnt like C
11:44 AM Carlos Solano im using react someone kill me
11:44 AM clereax i dunno, i didnt learn c xD
11:44 AM Dezo Jr sunny i will give you an advice dont believe everything that you see on the internet
11:44 AM Sunny omg
11:44 AM Al3gr0 isnt using react a good thing?
11:44 AM clereax maybe the next language?
11:44 AM Sunny so real
11:44 AM Sunny πŸ˜€
11:44 AM Dezo Jr for example amdrea
11:45 AM Al3gr0 @clereax dont learn C, its horrible, such an useless language nowadays
11:45 AM Dezo Jr andrea was using her profile to trick you
11:45 AM Sunny My advice, dont have sex until youre 19
11:45 AM Sunny u will be so powerful
11:45 AM Dezo Jr why
11:45 AM Sunny the longer you go without sex is the stronger you get
11:45 AM Sunny ^^
11:45 AM Dezo Jr so your weak
11:46 AM Sunny uhhh its been a year
11:46 AM clereax @Al3gr0 But i like C++ and i want to learn also C#
11:46 AM Dezo Jr bye
11:46 AM Dezo Jr i m leaving
11:47 AM Sunny hmmm blue light causes psychosis
11:47 AM Dezo Jr im going to the park
11:47 AM Al3gr0 i guess C++ and C# are way better than the "good" old C
11:47 AM Sunny that is my ted talk
11:47 AM Sunny interesting
11:47 AM clereax @Al3gr0 now i had to google the C language πŸ˜†
11:47 AM Al3gr0 imma head out go eat something
11:47 AM clereax @Al3gr0 sad times... 😞
11:48 AM Dezo Jr it was nice to meet you guys
11:48 AM Al3gr0 just a tip, you dont even have a string type in C, you have to make an array with char type inside to pull a word in a variable
11:48 AM Al3gr0 i guess thats all you have to say to C
11:48 AM Al3gr0 gonna be back after eat πŸ™‚
11:48 AM Kru Knight anyone know how to Referenc non static variables in unity
11:48 AM clereax kk
11:49 AM Kru Knight i cant understand anything from the tutorials
11:52 AM Sunny you ever shadow box your "enemy"
11:52 AM Sunny its so fun
11:52 AM hashwanth alla hello
11:53 AM Cody Peters beanz
11:53 AM Sunny and ice
11:53 AM Sunny sorry i meant rice
11:53 AM Cody Peters mixed with cucumber slices
11:54 AM Sunny no egg plant
11:54 AM Sunny πŸ˜‰
11:54 AM Cody Peters topped with celery string
11:54 AM Cody Peters and a little bit of some crumbs from the bottom of the oven
11:54 AM Sunny sorry i was sniffing saline
11:54 AM Sunny what u said?
11:56 AM Arkay damn
11:56 AM Riccch ayooo
11:56 AM Riccch hyd guys
11:56 AM Arkay yo yo
11:57 AM Ziyans Gaming world malayali
11:57 AM Ziyans Gaming world ?
11:57 AM Ziyans Gaming world or indian
11:57 AM Riccch where are you guys from??z
11:58 AM timely skydive Usa :,(
11:58 AM Kathy Mayes I’m doing a lemonade stand with this lol
11:59 AM ERROR _CivicLine UK
11:59 AM Sunny im what you get when all of the leonardo dicapros roles come together and brain storm a new character
12:03 PM Carlos Solano hokage?
12:03 PM Sunny ye lol
12:04 PM Sunny damn naurto is real life
12:04 PM Sunny what they smoking in japan
12:04 PM Sunny how they come up with so much stuff
12:04 PM Sunny please tell me
12:06 PM jhon smith bro u trippin? haha
12:06 PM Sunny lol see there is a conspiracy lol
12:06 PM Sunny japan found the elder scrolls
12:06 PM Sunny or the star emeralds
12:07 PM Sunny nah im here drinking water listening to greydon square babble
12:07 PM Sunny hes a physics rapper
12:07 PM timely skydive cool beans bro
12:08 PM Carlos Solano bushes beans
12:09 PM Sunny lol i dont do drugs
12:09 PM Sunny i smoked bad weed and it gave psychosis
12:09 PM Sunny since then im clean
12:09 PM Sunny my brain just weird now
12:13 PM Igor Damasceno hello brothers
12:13 PM ERROR _CivicLine hello
12:14 PM Igor Damasceno go coding Good job everyone ❀
12:16 PM ERROR _CivicLine thank you :DD
12:22 PM XBidbaipX pruvit
12:23 PM 7011 senpai
12:25 PM ERROR _CivicLine no
12:26 PM Sunny funny thing about the internet is when u block someone
12:26 PM Sunny you dont see them again for life
12:26 PM Sunny πŸ˜‰
12:26 PM Sunny dont know about real life lol
12:28 PM Igor Damasceno drink water don't forget
12:29 PM Sunny oh def
12:29 PM Sunny def def
12:29 PM Osvaldo Rodriguez y'all at least working?
12:29 PM Sunny u?
12:29 PM zkratzz na man, it's 10:30pm here
12:30 PM Igor Damasceno studying a little
12:30 PM ERROR _CivicLine it 8:30 pm for me rn
12:30 PM e1zy IT IS 9:30 HERE IN SERBIA
12:30 PM Osvaldo Rodriguez it's 3:30 pm here
12:31 PM Osvaldo Rodriguez πŸ˜†
12:31 PM demirhan i am studying english for prep school 😐
12:31 PM Igor Damasceno 16:30 am here Brasil
12:31 PM Osvaldo Rodriguez dominican republic
12:31 PM Sunny damn dr on the same time scale as ny
12:32 PM Osvaldo Rodriguez yea
12:32 PM Osvaldo Rodriguez ahhaa
12:32 PM Sunny that should make calling fam easy
12:32 PM Sunny i always gotta calculate and stuff
12:32 PM Osvaldo Rodriguez a lot easier.. working till 10 pm
12:32 PM Osvaldo Rodriguez chile
12:34 PM Sunny chile or child?
12:34 PM Sunny lol
12:34 PM Sunny im like wth
12:34 PM jhon smith i`m making a website and just making a log in modal took me 5 hrs already man
12:35 PM Osvaldo Rodriguez chile AHHAHAHA
12:35 PM Sunny lol
12:35 PM jhon smith i`m learning to code and it sucks if you are new to coding
12:35 PM Osvaldo Rodriguez i'm doing insurance stuff ahaha dat takes time
12:35 PM Sunny have fun
12:36 PM Osvaldo Rodriguez we need some rap up in here πŸ˜†
12:36 PM Sunny ok u first
12:37 PM clereax @jhon smith what language do you learn?
12:38 PM jhon smith @clereax pretty much a lot i guess? html,css,js,php,python
12:38 PM Sunny you in your crib tryna propogate the date breach, while im chillen feet up on the beach, eating peaches, go a head sink me you leeches wont stop my infinite reach
12:38 PM Sunny data*
12:39 PM clereax mhh.. maybe thats the reason xD. Im learing C++ right now. And after that, i go on ;)
12:39 PM Sunny im really a poetry guy
12:39 PM Sunny rap isnt poetry
12:39 PM Sunny and poetry isnt rap
12:39 PM Sunny 😞
12:40 PM clereax And Sunny isnt rain :(
12:40 PM Sunny true lol
12:40 PM Sunny thanks
12:40 PM Sunny imma kep my chin up today
12:40 PM clereax and sunny isnt Moon ;(
12:40 PM jhon smith yah i know learning so much stuff at one time is hard
12:41 PM Sunny and life isnt permanent
12:41 PM Sunny whats your point?
12:41 PM MArvin Ong Hello
12:41 PM clereax If you think, that you can handle it, go on. But dont do to much.
12:41 PM clereax @Sunny But.... Sans is permanent
12:42 PM Sunny mos def
12:42 PM Sunny for all
12:42 PM Sunny sans for all
12:42 PM Sunny 100 years
12:43 PM clereax *you are about to die. No i cant die, i have a family... Dom Toretto: Did u say family?! Ok u can live 100 years more
12:44 PM clereax nothing is more important than family
12:44 PM Sunny now later dont matter
12:44 PM clereax Sunny?
12:44 PM clereax did u say family :0!?!?!??!?
12:45 PM Sunny dude
12:45 PM Sunny go scare ur mom
12:45 PM clereax πŸ˜‰
12:45 PM Sunny not working on e
12:45 PM Sunny me
12:45 PM Sunny πŸ˜›
12:45 PM clereax 😞
12:45 PM clereax u hate me right...
12:47 PM Sunny god will deal with u
12:47 PM clereax ;(
12:47 PM clereax wait
12:47 PM clereax u are god??!?!?!?!?
12:48 PM Leandro Alexandre guys Jesus love you
12:50 PM Igor Damasceno Love you too God!!!
12:52 PM Sunny im not god
12:52 PM Sunny there is only one god which is the universe
12:52 PM clereax u are
12:52 PM Sunny im a temporary being doing my time
12:52 PM Kirtan Prajapati peace
12:53 PM P r a n a v Yay it’s study time :)
12:54 PM Sunny to say im god would mean i created the universe
12:54 PM Sunny it created me
12:57 PM Al3gr0 heey guys i am back
12:59 PM Sunny hey
1:00 PM Ali Mutqin I love it
1:00 PM Igor Damasceno hey welcome man
1:00 PM Al3gr0 oh you still here sunny?
1:01 PM SANDESH MORE Great music
1:01 PM Sunny yea
1:01 PM Sunny im getting sleepy
1:01 PM Al3gr0 whats your time?
1:02 PM Sunny time is an illusion
1:02 PM Sunny the time is always now
1:02 PM Al3gr0 okey i am done
1:02 PM Al3gr0 i dont want to deal with you anymore sunny
1:02 PM Pablo Cornejo JOMA TIME!
1:02 PM Al3gr0 bye
1:02 PM Al3gr0 have a great night
1:02 PM Al3gr0 πŸ˜†
1:03 PM Sunny lol!
1:03 PM clereax ok
1:03 PM Pablo Cornejo HAVE A GOOD LIFE
1:03 PM Sunny not up to me
1:03 PM Pablo Cornejo jOMA TIME
1:03 PM Sunny the universe determines all
1:03 PM Sunny ny minute
1:04 PM Pablo Cornejo the universe = God
1:04 PM Sunny wi
1:04 PM Pablo Cornejo these li fi slaps
1:04 PM Gio Giovanna elbowcough
1:04 PM Pablo Cornejo Joe
1:05 PM Pablo Cornejo Biden
1:05 PM Pablo Cornejo Sleepy
1:05 PM Pablo Cornejo Joe Biden
1:05 PM Sunny k
1:06 PM Pablo Cornejo kk
1:08 PM Sunny k
1:08 PM Sunny πŸ˜‰
1:08 PM Sunny special k
1:09 PM Yogesh Bhatt Who is actually coding?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
1:10 PM clereax Ok im out guys, night night
1:11 PM Sunny sweet dreams
1:11 PM Sunny or nightmare
1:11 PM Sunny depends
1:12 PM clereax ;(
1:12 PM Kirtan Prajapati me
1:12 PM Leandro Alexandre πŸ™πŸΌ
1:13 PM Paulo Silva sup
1:13 PM Paulo Silva not coding
1:13 PM Paolo M. What does it mean this video?
1:13 PM Jojo HI
1:14 PM Paulo Silva but studying
1:14 PM Jojo Sunny?
1:14 PM Igor Damasceno I walked walked and I'm back hahahaha
1:21 PM el hombre gmail | vs code | stack overflow?
1:23 PM Kirtan Prajapati gmail | vs code | stack overflow | sticky notes
1:24 PM WavyLevel yo
1:24 PM Dylan Vanhout kotlin tornadofx
1:28 PM WavyLevel lets play a game
1:28 PM Nano0802 rock paper scissors go
1:29 PM WavyLevel rockj
1:29 PM Nano0802 ok paper i win
1:30 PM WavyLevel lie
1:30 PM WavyLevel rock rips paper
1:31 PM Akanksha Akanksha so what do we do here
1:36 PM Іван Маліков studying πŸ™‚
1:37 PM Ali Mutqin yep studying
1:47 PM Sally Madson hi
1:48 PM WavyLevel anyone can recommend me a drone
1:48 PM WavyLevel under 500 dollars
1:48 PM WavyLevel i want to corrupt the youth making him a tech wizard
1:48 PM Atex gamer hello
1:52 PM FlamingDeception @WavyLevel I recommend getting a kit, people I know that really like drones like to work on them
1:53 PM FlamingDeception Building it is really valuable because you understand how it works!
2:02 PM WavyLevel any one you recommend
2:07 PM Hun Garo build a drone with arduino, it's fun
2:17 PM Jesus is Truth Resist temptation and seek a relationship with Jesus β€πŸ™
2:20 PM Believe In Today hello guys
2:29 PM Sean Park To all listening, keep grinding and putting in that work. We'll see success soon!!
2:39 PM Rafic Hajj that is the hype i need
2:41 PM Ahmed Raza ayy thanks
2:43 PM Cristian Reyes Any Android developer here?
2:47 PM eshadow BTW nice beats
2:47 PM eshadow πŸ˜›
2:48 PM evil alien robot crypto is a scam, dont do it
2:50 PM eshadow $ scam too!
2:50 PM evil alien robot so why move from scam to scam
2:50 PM evil alien robot dummy
2:52 PM evil alien robot put your money towards affecting real things, right now, today. not gambling
2:58 PM Ironskeleton sup guys
2:58 PM Ironskeleton Hows your day
3:00 PM Hun Garo actually crypto is better than just leaving your money on a bank account
3:01 PM Hun Garo like with stocks you just have to make a good research before you invest
3:01 PM Milo Wind e
3:02 PM Milo Wind sorry wrong person
3:02 PM Milo Wind sorry right person
3:03 PM Ahmed Raza crypto is so bad lately
3:04 PM Kaimee New Coder. Learning c#. Overwhelmed. Looking for small milestones or goals to program. thank you anyone.
3:04 PM blue berry I wonder if Joma is also listening to this broadcast right now and just choosing songs for us
3:04 PM Hun Garo I bought Million Token last time. And I really believe in it, the community is really good.
3:04 PM eshadow lol i am not dummy but real person
3:04 PM eshadow Kaimee check hackerrank
3:04 PM Florim Hey, I'm french, did you think school 42 is good ?
3:05 PM eshadow hun garo which one
3:05 PM eshadow you boutgh
3:05 PM blue berry @Kaimee why are you starting with C#? Why not Python?
3:06 PM Hun Garo @eshadow Million Token. Made by an ex Google Tech Lead
3:07 PM Florim Hum wait a minute, this guy is very bad at coding, he's on his project since the 7th octoder of the last year
3:08 PM Hun Garo you can search for his channel on youtube just type TechLead, he make really funny tech videos too
3:08 PM Hun Garo makes*
3:09 PM CrazyPlayerOne morning
3:15 PM CrazyPlayerOne morning joma
3:15 PM CrazyPlayerOne lufeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
3:16 PM Nekodjin jaa viossadjin
3:16 PM Yolo Hacker Good music to listen to while watching Million Token moon
3:17 PM CrazyPlayerOne whats that crypto?
3:17 PM Hun Garo yes and for coding too
3:17 PM Hun Garo yes it's a new one
3:17 PM CrazyPlayerOne damn 22% up for btc
3:17 PM CrazyPlayerOne link for token moon plss
3:18 PM Yolo Hacker Go search million token on google, it was created by exGoogle exFacebook Techlead.
3:18 PM Hun Garo we can't post link here
3:18 PM Yolo Hacker Oh true
3:19 PM Hun Garo search for Million Token and for Tech Lead on Youtube
3:20 PM Hun Garo this will go to Mars not just for the Moon
3:22 PM Harshil Parikh bonjour
3:23 PM Moises Henriquez aprenderΓ© a programar cuando el men del vΓ­deo termine el proyecto
3:23 PM Hun Garo actually I invested my first freelance website earnings to it.
3:24 PM evil alien robot crypto is bad. it's just gambling
3:29 PM Hun Garo yes it is, but with research you can higher your chances. Definitely better than lottery
3:31 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеletе spасе) 18+ VIDEO CHAT! )))!
3:32 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеletе spасе) 18+ VIDEO CHAT! ))!
3:32 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеletе spасе) 18+ VIDEO CHAT! )))!!!!
3:32 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеletе spасе) 18+ VIDEO CHAT! !
3:32 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеletе spасе) 18+ VIDEO CHAT! !!!)))
3:33 PM Owen Eissler bruh shut up
3:33 PM Hun Garo I just blocked him
3:34 PM eshadow lol 1 million tokens available, but kinda joke token,
3:35 PM eshadow fun token maybe will raise again 200
3:35 PM eshadow maybe will go 0
3:35 PM eshadow but definetely for now nothing to give
3:36 PM eshadow i believe in cryptos which aim to future with actual projects, but will keep an eye on its news
3:36 PM Hun Garo won't go to 0. from the bottom every single one worth 1 dollar. Tech Lead put 1 million dollar to it, so it's not a joke project.
3:37 PM Hun Garo ofc is like a meme coin like shiba, doge
3:38 PM Hun Garo don't put your life savings to it
3:39 PM Hun Garo but the Million Token community is nice and fun
3:39 PM eshadow thats i am talking about, it is for now like shiba, doge maybe worse. no never put your all money on anything, put only the amount you afford to lose
3:39 PM eshadow πŸ˜›
3:39 PM eshadow yeah Lambo fun too
3:40 PM Hun Garo yes I puted just one website development project earnings to it
3:49 PM Nathan Reilly e
3:52 PM Felipe U uwu
4:18 PM Spilled Milk Is Princeton a good school to study CS?
4:22 PM Adam Jost getJTextArea().setText("Who knows Spilled Milk.");
4:22 PM creative capture old magic a cold graphic wich more tragic when all that be vanished they so savage im cold static the road crashing
4:23 PM timely skydive Why go to school and have tons of debt collage can help you with structure and all but if you get self control get a schedule and use Codecademy or other learning programs to avoid the debt
4:23 PM Adam Jost System.out.println("What the hell does that mean, creative?");
4:24 PM Adam Jost Console.Write("I learned everything I know from community college and the internet.")
4:24 PM Hun Garo @Spilled Milk I think most of the schools are good. But what's really matter that you make your own projects and work at your free time.
4:25 PM creative capture a melody of pain, maybe medicate insane how we fed the ed they bank led astray again step and fall back into the grey
4:25 PM Hun Garo Most of the interns I saw they had to start almost from 0 in my company. They don't really teach real world knowlage in collage. At least I see this
4:25 PM Adam Jost I can write scripts in JS, PHP, Java, Python, and C++. I also know MySQL, SQL, HTML, XML, etc.
4:26 PM Adam Jost CSS, BootStrap, SASS .. all the usual suspects
4:26 PM Adam Jost of and I forgot Visual Basic and .NET Framework
4:26 PM Adam Jost I knew I was forgetting one.
4:27 PM timely skydive damn that's alot im just learning JS for now getting into coding
4:27 PM creative capture i aint perfect infact im kinda broke yeah poor but at least im crashing with my soul laughing abrcadabra turn to smoke give and gave to take it all tell nothing left a ghost writing lyrics see no hop
4:27 PM creative capture e
4:28 PM Adam Jost you'll pick it up quick, if you want to and put the time in.. I learned all of that in a short amount of time, but I work at it almost the entire day everyday trying to learn as fast as I can and
4:28 PM Adam Jost practice practice practice and practice some more
4:29 PM creative capture and if u asking where i go, maybe fantasy i own like the sadness to a quote how u acting u become
4:29 PM Adam Jost I just graduated with a C.S. in Web Development and a C.A. in Programming languages
4:30 PM Adam Jost Ive been working day and night creating projects for my github repo so I have a portfolio to show employers
4:30 PM Adam Jost focusing mainly on java
4:30 PM creative capture repeating needing patience, i linger in this matrix it seems that i created run reason round a daydream
4:31 PM Adam Jost java is my favorite
4:31 PM Adam Jost I thought c++ was but I had a dream that java made me rich and successful and that has been my focus ever since
4:32 PM creative capture hit keys of passion maybe within that u can see me task with seeing nothing after so before the rapture close my eyes god just help my family
4:33 PM creative capture life a road of agony became souless to the passion
4:33 PM Adam Jost my most recent project
4:37 PM Mike Võ Good morning guys!
4:37 PM Mike Võ 6:73 AM in Vietnam
4:39 PM Malek This stream has been going on for almost a year now
4:48 PM WavyLevel is telekenisis real
4:48 PM WavyLevel no telepathy
4:48 PM WavyLevel be honest
4:48 PM WavyLevel please
4:51 PM Vishesh Jat how many of you now coding ?
4:52 PM CrazyPlayerOne +1
4:52 PM WavyLevel im gunna watch the queens gambit then one piece
4:53 PM WavyLevel is stress my brain too mucj
4:53 PM WavyLevel much
4:53 PM WavyLevel gn
4:55 PM WavyLevel fighting temptations is the best group name ever
4:55 PM WavyLevel the system after
4:55 PM WavyLevel pray for me
4:56 PM CrazyPlayerOne ?
4:58 PM WavyLevel im sorry
4:58 PM WavyLevel ill leave
5:05 PM Kanit Nutong C.D.M. morning 🌞
5:11 PM Muhammad Ahmad hi
5:13 PM Mike Võ hi @Muhammad Ahmad
5:15 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlete sрасe) 18+ VIDЕO CHАТ! ))!!
5:15 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlete sрасe) 18+ VIDЕO CHАТ! !!!!
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5:15 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlete sрасe) 18+ VIDЕO CHАТ! !)
5:19 PM Cursed Meow no way
5:19 PM Cursed Meow webcams chat? not omegle? it can't be real
5:37 PM qooqly hi
5:39 PM joc hey
5:48 PM (lmao) MrCJ longest stream i have ever seen
5:57 PM angrywolfjr me: finishes coding youtube:
5:58 PM Martín Frola Hi! Hearing from Argentina!
6:08 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlеtе sрacе) 18+ VIDЕО CHАТ! !)
6:08 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlеtе sрacе) 18+ VIDЕО CHАТ! ))!
6:09 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlеtе sрacе) 18+ VIDЕО CHАТ! !)))
6:13 PM smile112smile e
6:25 PM Siachaman e
6:49 PM Alexander Williams yoyo
6:50 PM Alexander Williams whos doing some JS
6:50 PM MegaMasterX sadly not me, I'm in C# hell but getting through it
6:51 PM Alexander Williams gross. For class or just work?
6:51 PM Alexander Williams or project
6:52 PM MegaMasterX Project work, you?
6:52 PM Alexander Williams class, but its been a long day. About to do some React Native passion project stuff
6:53 PM MegaMasterX Good call mixing the two. Gets you used to it in a more comfortable scenario
6:54 PM Alexander Williams yeah. Native the hobby, React the job
6:54 PM Alexander Williams what you coding?
6:55 PM MegaMasterX Game project at present, cleaning up someone elses' code. Messy work but necessary
6:56 PM Glenn Eric all the best hahaha
6:56 PM Alexander Williams nice. Well have fun my dude
6:56 PM MegaMasterX You as well, you've got this!
7:02 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlеtе spacе) 18+ VIDЕО CHАT! !!!!)))
7:02 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlеtе spacе) 18+ VIDЕО CHАT! !!!)))
7:02 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlеtе spacе) 18+ VIDЕО CHАT! )!!!
7:02 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlеtе spacе) 18+ VIDЕО CHАT! !!!
7:02 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlеtе spacе) 18+ VIDЕО CHАT! !!!!))
7:03 PM Soohyun Lee Hi Joma, are you here? I'm your biggg fan! from South Korea
7:30 PM Mike Võ hey guys!!!
7:34 PM somo bomo sir t9wd
7:49 PM Trump in Disguise hiii
7:49 PM Trump in Disguise I'm coding πŸ˜€
7:49 PM zlonj hiii
7:49 PM zlonj im coding too
7:49 PM Trump in Disguise what lang
7:49 PM zlonj python
7:49 PM zlonj wby
7:50 PM Trump in Disguise nice...I'm using python as well
7:50 PM zlonj r u grinding lc?
7:50 PM Trump in Disguise have you learnt c c++ and using python or started with python?
7:50 PM Trump in Disguise what is lc?
7:50 PM Mike Võ hey guys!
7:50 PM zlonj leetcode
7:50 PM Trump in Disguise heyyy
7:50 PM zlonj i started python and learned c later
7:50 PM Trump in Disguise idek what is leetcode
7:50 PM Mike Võ hey @Trump in Disguise
7:51 PM zlonj hi mike
7:51 PM Trump in Disguise I'm 17...and I started with python last year...haven't learnt anything else yet
7:51 PM Mike Võ hey @zlonj
7:51 PM zlonj ohh, good for u
7:51 PM Trump in Disguise can I survive with python in the future?
7:51 PM Mike Võ Im 14 and Im learning C#
7:51 PM zlonj smart to start with python
7:51 PM zlonj of course
7:51 PM zlonj use python to work with data or solve problems
7:51 PM Trump in Disguise oh yeah...I was worried coz most of the programmers use c or c++
7:51 PM zlonj u might need to learn other langs for work
7:52 PM Trump in Disguise yeah I'm planning to do data science in my ug
7:52 PM zlonj most programmers use java or js i think
7:52 PM Mike Võ You have a job @zlonj ?
7:52 PM zlonj where u going for college?
7:52 PM Trump in Disguise oh ok...might learn other Langs in my ug
7:52 PM zlonj no mike, im in college
7:52 PM Trump in Disguise I haven't started college yet
7:52 PM Mike Võ oh!
7:52 PM Mike Võ me too
7:52 PM Mukesh Gurunani Me too
7:52 PM Trump in Disguise hey mukesh
7:53 PM Mukesh Gurunani I know python, JS
7:53 PM Mike Võ hey @Mukesh Gurunani
7:53 PM zlonj mike, didnt u say u r 14?
7:53 PM Trump in Disguise nice
7:53 PM Mike Võ yep
7:53 PM Trump in Disguise yep he did
7:53 PM Mukesh Gurunani Hi mike, trump
7:53 PM Mike Võ reall
7:53 PM Mike Võ !
7:53 PM zlonj dang, u smart
7:53 PM Mike Võ Hey
7:53 PM Mike Võ nah!!!
7:53 PM Trump in Disguise what are you coding in python?
7:53 PM zlonj yo mike, where u go for college?
7:53 PM Mike Võ not yet
7:54 PM Trump in Disguise I'm currently working on a hotel reservation app...I'm doing Table reservations right now
7:54 PM Mike Võ Hey guys! Can we make a website with C#?
7:54 PM Mukesh Gurunani RN, I am making a React Native app
7:55 PM Trump in Disguise wow mukesh...are you working? or colleger or school
7:55 PM Mike Võ React native made by facebook?
7:59 PM Dewan Rabiul Haider hey this is mrbeast. let's spam here.
8:08 PM Daniel Ro Yooo back at it, whats up!
8:10 PM AEBIOUS learning PostgreSQL
8:11 PM AEBIOUS gonna be a database admin one day
8:11 PM Gustavo Morais mrbeast
8:11 PM Gustavo Morais dare that its you
8:13 PM Mukesh Gurunani @Trump in Disguise Actually I am commenting this thorugh my father's account. My name is Prakhar.
8:13 PM Mukesh Gurunani @Mike VΓ΅ yes
8:15 PM YOUTUBER BIDDU what's going on here???
8:19 PM Jeyalakshmi Sp hi
8:19 PM jeferson machado olΓ‘
8:28 PM Punjabi Bass Studio hi
8:30 PM ARBK LEGENDS Good Morning
8:33 PM ARBK LEGENDS can anyone help me
8:33 PM ARBK LEGENDS I rooted my phone and got hard brick
8:42 PM AEBIOUS sux bro
8:44 PM Cyrus Tupino just got new my first peripherals for my pc πŸ™‚
8:44 PM Cyrus Tupino opening it rn
8:47 PM Griefy McWeepy What did you get?
8:49 PM Reymart Ticar hahaha shout out to that person who got his prone bricked I feel you man
8:50 PM Reymart Ticar for that*
8:50 PM Reymart Ticar phone*
8:51 PM Adis Tutorials @Mike >Mike VΓ΅Hey guys! Can we make a website with C#?
8:51 PM Adis Tutorials Yes you can
8:51 PM Adis Tutorials ASP NET 6 is out, cross platform framework for making web apps
8:51 PM Mike Võ thanks!!!
8:53 PM Adis Tutorials @zlonj How many easy/med/hard u solved?
8:57 PM Noah Patry He should do this more often
8:57 PM Tanvir A Not coding rn but pretty chill to do english hw with
8:57 PM Noah Patry Ye
8:57 PM Raphaël B. sup guys
8:58 PM Goldy someone down to join my new anime discord server πŸ˜…
9:05 PM Carlos Flores Yeah sure man
9:20 PM Joona Uutela Happy programming everyone :)
9:20 PM 《Agus._.》 gar
9:22 PM Mike Võ hey guys!
9:24 PM Robert Reyes What up
9:24 PM Mike Võ sup
9:24 PM Robert Reyes what's v6 stand for
9:26 PM Palak Biswas hi
9:29 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (delеte sрасе) 18+ VIDЕО СНAТ! !!!!)))
9:29 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (delеte sрасе) 18+ VIDЕО СНAТ! ))!
9:29 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (delеte sрасе) 18+ VIDЕО СНAТ! )!!!!
9:29 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (delеte sрасе) 18+ VIDЕО СНAТ! ))!!!!
9:29 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (delеte sрасе) 18+ VIDЕО СНAТ! !!!!
9:29 PM Summer Jilen What up
9:29 PM Mike Võ sup
9:34 PM Robert Reyes ooo 18+
9:34 PM Robert Reyes I clicked it
9:34 PM Taranjit S hi
9:51 PM Divyansh kumar V6 is an engine configuration
9:54 PM Louis Wong Good day
9:55 PM Kevin V I have a final on operating systems tomorrow hopefully everything turns out alright
9:55 PM Alpha who the f watch this?
10:05 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (deletе spаce) 18+ VIDEО CHАТ! !!!
10:05 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (deletе spаce) 18+ VIDEО CHАТ! !)
10:05 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (deletе spаce) 18+ VIDEО CHАТ! )))!!!
10:05 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (deletе spаce) 18+ VIDEО CHАТ! !!))
10:06 PM Pro4 ever hi
10:10 PM Tấn Lộc are anyone here studing IT? 😺
10:10 PM Trần Minh Sơn me
10:10 PM Furkan Sen vue the best
10:11 PM Multiads We are IT Company chillwdog
10:14 PM Hefry Kun wtf my network is happend, justr un yt
10:14 PM Hefry Kun *run
10:15 PM WRECKY hello, your computer has virus
10:17 PM Akbarshox Dev any JS developers?
10:18 PM Kevin V the world would be a better place if Joma and Sunmi were together
10:19 PM Yashwant Singh wo
10:19 PM Yashwant Singh who is sunmi?
10:21 PM Kevin V one of Joma's friends/ex-coworker(I think), they have several videos together
10:21 PM Yashwant Singh ooh
10:22 PM Yashwant Singh inwish ligma is also there with them
10:24 PM muanthansang sangboi wat m i watching
10:32 PM Belak So boys what do you say hard g or soft g in gif?
10:32 PM martin king hello guys
10:32 PM Magenta Lobster Whats Ligma?
10:33 PM Soohyun Lee Who's working as cloud engineer?
10:33 PM Magenta Lobster GIF
10:33 PM Magenta Lobster I am
10:33 PM Belak im a web dev
10:33 PM Magenta Lobster I run the cloud for Regions
10:33 PM Soohyun Lee which cloud?
10:33 PM Junior Programmer what is cloud engineer ?
10:34 PM Soohyun Lee AWS?
10:34 PM Magenta Lobster yup
10:34 PM Belak poser
10:34 PM Soohyun Lee I'm using an oracle cloud
10:35 PM Magenta Lobster Look me up on linkedin Ryan Dontr
10:35 PM Kevin V @Junior Programmer an engineer that can control the weather
10:35 PM Junior Programmer @Kevin V I see , "Pawang Ujan"
10:36 PM Soohyun Lee Also you can find me in linkedin
10:38 PM Soohyun Lee No result when I found Ryan Dontr on linkedin
10:48 PM Da Vinci Hey Guys
10:53 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlete spаcе) 18+ VIDEО СHАТ! !)
10:53 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlete spаcе) 18+ VIDEО СHАТ! )))!!!!
10:53 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlete spаcе) 18+ VIDEО СHАТ! )))!
10:53 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlete spаcе) 18+ VIDEО СHАТ! ))!!
10:53 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlete spаcе) 18+ VIDEО СHАТ! !!!!))
11:13 PM Rishabh Malhotra what you all working on?
11:14 PM Junior Programmer laptop
11:17 PM ResNow Desktop, but getting destroyed by some seemingly simple interview questions though
11:17 PM ResNow Theres always these 1 or 2 algorithm questions that look innocent but are absolute killers to implement
11:18 PM Gagah Adilaga a
11:24 PM Hà Huy Nguyễn hey is anyone here a web designer?
11:24 PM Hà Huy Nguyễn I'm beginning and need a master to follow
11:25 PM ResNow Its best if you try html, css courses to understand the bare minimum for the front end. Then javascript to make fancy tables/animations. Much of it is self exploratory
11:26 PM ResNow There are amazing front end artists templates all around, you can try looking into them to understand how it is made
11:26 PM Hà Huy Nguyễn Actually I just finished a foundation course on that by Duke
11:27 PM Hà Huy Nguyễn But like I don't know how and where I can find my creativity
11:27 PM Junior Programmer try to implement ANIME.js to your website
11:27 PM Hà Huy Nguyễn Cuz when I look at templates I just think about copying them
11:27 PM ResNow First time hearing about anime.js, it looks amazing
11:28 PM Junior Programmer try it, its good to web designer
11:28 PM Hà Huy Nguyễn Wow that's dope
11:28 PM Hà Huy Nguyễn It's free right?
11:29 PM Junior Programmer yes,
11:29 PM ResNow Yea, get the js package and plunk it in
11:34 PM Milad Haghpanah guys let's hack NASA with html
11:35 PM ResNow I don't think its possible with html..
11:35 PM ResNow HTML is just for display aint it
11:36 PM Milad Haghpanah I'm joking though πŸ˜…
11:36 PM Mate i think its javascript
11:36 PM Junior Programmer pretty good jokes πŸ˜‚
11:38 PM ibinti hi
11:38 PM Junior Programmer hi @ibinti
11:39 PM ibinti @Junior Programmer hi
11:42 PM Sourav Kumar girls sourav loves you
11:43 PM Akseli Suutari Hacking NASA with Brainf**k is the way to go
11:44 PM Sourav Kumar ☒☣☣
11:44 PM Divyansh kumar I think assembly will work better on nasa
11:48 PM Sourav Kumar ☒☣☣
11:50 PM ibinti ibi ibi hi
11:50 PM ibi hi
12:01 AM Дмитро Тисько f
12:10 AM Avi Bhardwaj Guys how do you attach a file into your python code ? I forgot help .
12:12 AM ResNow open(filepath, 'rwx")
12:13 AM ResNow I recommend w3schools if you need help with these commands
12:26 AM Bhagawati prasad Gour hii guys
12:26 AM Bhagawati prasad Gour kese hu
12:26 AM Bhagawati prasad Gour koi baat karna chaye ga
12:26 AM hashwanth alla hey folks
12:27 AM Bhagawati prasad Gour heyhashwanth
12:39 AM Akash patel ANYONE CAN HELP WITH THIS Can't resolve '@material-ui/lab/Slider' in {path}
12:50 AM Game Sederhana ulala
12:53 AM Daveace D Cool bro
12:58 AM MutenRoshi83 is Joma geh?
1:00 AM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlеte sраcе) 18+ VIDEО CНAT! !!!
1:01 AM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlеte sраcе) 18+ VIDEО CНAT! )))!!!
1:01 AM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlеte sраcе) 18+ VIDEО CНAT! !!!)))
1:01 AM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlеte sраcе) 18+ VIDEО CНAT! !!)))
1:01 AM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlеte sраcе) 18+ VIDEО CНAT! !!!)
1:03 AM AZEER ELİYEV 112 0513910791 talagonu yuxla.şikΓΌyatli.112
1:03 AM AZEER ELİYEV 112 şelri
1:25 AM Gilbert laemba can we appreciate the guy never bi tiredπŸ˜‚
1:27 AM The Tech Lord hello
1:27 AM The Tech Lord who's online
1:30 AM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (deletе space) 18+ VIDEО CHAТ! !!))
1:30 AM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (deletе space) 18+ VIDEО CHAТ! !)
1:30 AM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (deletе space) 18+ VIDEО CHAТ! ))!!
1:30 AM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (deletе space) 18+ VIDEО CHAТ! !!!!
1:30 AM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (deletе space) 18+ VIDEО CHAТ! )))!!!
1:38 AM AZEER ELİYEV biΔ±ih 143 ΓΌhalΓΌrhiseağem pΓΌspΓΌr allüğa Δ±ederem psolsca
1:38 AM Abhishek Rawat hlo
1:45 AM Adura Tech Time at your place?
1:48 AM Tanner Aumend hey all is launch school a reputable course to get work like knowledge? for SE
1:53 AM Py Boss oops
1:57 AM Nhật Nguyễn Văn Long hello ae
2:02 AM Atharva Jog hello
2:08 AM Linh BN lΓ΄
2:26 AM Abdul Raheem Rizwan hi
2:34 AM Hey J Min hola
2:38 AM Felix Pundsack hey together
2:43 AM Hieu Le hello, work from home together
2:43 AM steven steven chillwcat
2:44 AM Felix Pundsack actually working from office today
2:46 AM Hieu Le covid start burn my countryside from 20 days ago for phase 4. that's why
2:47 AM Felix Pundsack yea i am waiting for it to happen here in germany, but its only my second day in office this year anyway, so being in the office is actually nice once again
2:49 AM Geckoram Hello
2:49 AM Felix Pundsack Hi
2:54 AM snsnns jajans hiii
2:54 AM snsnns jajans from INDIA
2:54 AM Al3gr0 from GER
2:54 AM Al3gr0 its really quiet atm, like no one's here
2:55 AM Gabriele Maita Greetings from Italy
2:55 AM cd Whoop Whoop Germany +1
2:55 AM Al3gr0 the diversity here is just great
2:56 AM eshadow FROM HELLAS
2:56 AM Al3gr0 and you're currently coding?
2:57 AM eshadow playing on Hackerrank
2:57 AM The Tech Lord hello
2:57 AM Experemental from Russia
2:57 AM Divya Prasad hello
2:57 AM Gabriele Maita I am, angular 9
2:57 AM Experemental react)
2:58 AM eshadow react+1
2:58 AM Al3gr0 sounds nice, currently working with Azure, creating and updating Dashboards
2:58 AM cd Flutter
9:29 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (delеte sр��се) 18+ VIDЕО СНAТ! !!!!
2:58 AM Rishav Agarwal hello
2:58 AM The Tech Lord react + 1
2:58 AM Marco Gasparini hello
2:59 AM The Tech Lord 3 reacts here
2:59 AM Marco Gasparini react.js is the best
2:59 AM The Tech Lord what a coincidence
2:59 AM The Tech Lord yeah
2:59 AM Marco Gasparini sure
3:00 AM The Tech Lord tho i think there is some problem in importing modules in newer versions of node
3:00 AM Marco Gasparini I did not updated node.js πŸ™‚
3:01 AM The Tech Lord commonjs and ES
3:01 AM The Tech Lord oh
3:01 AM The Tech Lord v14
3:01 AM The Tech Lord yours?
3:01 AM Marco Gasparini ah no. Me to 14.6
3:01 AM Marco Gasparini *14.16
3:01 AM The Tech Lord then how is your working?
3:01 AM Marco Gasparini I did not have problems
3:02 AM Gabriele Maita I had some problem caused by npm > 7
3:02 AM The Tech Lord mine is v14.17.1
3:02 AM The Tech Lord yeah?
10:05 PM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (deletе sp��ce) 18+ VIDEО CHАТ! !)
3:02 AM The Tech Lord me too!
3:02 AM WavyLevel yo\
3:02 AM WavyLevel its sunny
3:02 AM The Tech Lord yo @WavyLevel
3:02 AM Marco Gasparini i have 6.14 for npm
3:02 AM The Tech Lord It's raining her
3:02 AM The Tech Lord here
3:02 AM WavyLevel rain rain oh allah
3:02 AM The Tech Lord me too
3:03 AM The Tech Lord I had downgraded npm
3:03 AM The Tech Lord I will do this with nodejs to
3:03 AM The Tech Lord too
3:03 AM Dexter Chasinda Watch and pray
3:03 AM WavyLevel yes
3:03 AM WavyLevel all we can do
3:03 AM WavyLevel Gods plan
3:04 AM WavyLevel AM I NEXT?
3:04 AM WavyLevel oh God you thug , just love you
3:04 AM Dexter Chasinda To watch means to stand against sins and sinful desires and to pray means to communicate all your needs to your Father God through His Word and by His Spirit.
3:05 AM WavyLevel ok dexter
3:05 AM WavyLevel not here to debate
3:05 AM WavyLevel just woke up listening to the next president
3:05 AM The RC1 activated✔ ok
3:05 AM Gabriele Maita After what i saw in some code, i started disbelif in a "God" πŸ˜†
3:06 AM The RC1 activated✔ from which country are you
3:06 AM WavyLevel god is code
3:06 AM Dexter Chasinda For there can be no praying without watching and there can be no watching without praying.
3:06 AM SeniorLoco were you just talking about node and npm? having issues with it
3:06 AM The Tech Lord @Gabriele Maita same πŸ˜‚
3:06 AM The Tech Lord @SeniorLoco me too
3:06 AM WavyLevel are you a jw?
3:06 AM The Tech Lord I'm downgrading it
3:06 AM Dexter Chasinda I am from nigeria in enugu state
3:06 AM The Tech Lord using nvm
3:06 AM WavyLevel go pray
3:06 AM SeniorLoco i cant update npm atm and it wont install packages correctly
3:07 AM The Tech Lord npm, right?
3:07 AM WavyLevel im the tribe that was sold in slavery
3:07 AM SeniorLoco ye
3:07 AM The Tech Lord I also faced this issue
3:07 AM WavyLevel i have no state
3:07 AM The RC1 activated✔ anyone spammer here
3:07 AM The Tech Lord you need to manually delete all npm files and nodejs, and reinstall it.
3:07 AM The Tech Lord @SeniorLoco
3:07 AM Gabriele Maita Yeah @SeniorLoco, if you are not starting a brand new project, you should downgrade to npm 6 to avoid issue
3:07 AM The Tech Lord that's a hell of a task
3:07 AM WavyLevel #FREEBRITNEY
3:08 AM WavyLevel @FREEMAXB
3:08 AM Gabriele Maita Something you need to pray for πŸ˜†
3:08 AM The Tech Lord πŸ˜‚
3:08 AM The RC1 activated✔ wtf
3:08 AM The Tech Lord hey what node version are you using?
3:08 AM SeniorLoco i just fresh installed node and npm and it came with npm 6
3:08 AM Dexter Chasinda A break in faith is a break in God
3:09 AM Dexter Chasinda How many people know Prophet Christopher Orji
3:09 AM The Tech Lord @Marco Gasparini can you tell me the exact version?
3:09 AM WavyLevel ALL' DEM
3:10 AM mar 1one hii
3:10 AM MONKE hi
3:10 AM Gabriele Maita @WavyLevel i've alredy seen it, casually the religion my parents tought me is the truth, what a coincidence
3:11 AM Dexter Chasinda Faith acts now, believes now and receives now
3:11 AM The Tech Lord wtf downgrading node deleted npm
3:11 AM mar 1one who is new to programming here!!
3:11 AM SeniorLoco F
3:11 AM The Tech Lord now have to reinstall it
3:11 AM SeniorLoco why is node such a pain
3:11 AM MONKE tech lord what is your real name?
3:11 AM WavyLevel ur name is a trigger
3:11 AM WavyLevel sounds like my ex
3:12 AM MONKE wut?
3:12 AM WavyLevel i like it
3:12 AM WavyLevel u single?
3:12 AM MR AR Technology Side any javascrpt developer here?
3:12 AM The Tech Lord @SeniorLoco and you know what is the command for reinstalling npm? this: npm install -g npm
3:12 AM MONKE Naaaaaaaaa not me
3:12 AM The Tech Lord npm install -g npm
3:12 AM The Tech Lord seriously
3:12 AM Dexter Chasinda watch and pray
3:13 AM MONKE hi Dexter. long time no see
3:13 AM WavyLevel hi
3:13 AM Dexter Chasinda Monke my best friend how are you.
3:13 AM Dexter Chasinda Me I am blessed
3:13 AM MONKE fine. How's it going for you
3:14 AM WavyLevel watch and pray, meditate and elevate
3:14 AM WavyLevel πŸ™‚
3:14 AM Dexter Chasinda things are good
3:14 AM MONKE what are you talking about??
3:14 AM The Tech Lord hey monke friend
3:14 AM MONKE wavylevel
3:14 AM MONKE hi
3:14 AM MONKE tech
3:14 AM The Tech Lord how's it goin?
3:14 AM MONKE fine
3:14 AM MONKE great
3:14 AM MONKE wonderful
3:15 AM The Tech Lord glad to hear that
3:15 AM Dexter Chasinda Soon I am going to start a ministry
3:15 AM The Tech Lord oh
3:15 AM MONKE i got my math grades. I got 47.5/50
3:15 AM The Tech Lord nice
3:15 AM WavyLevel ur not GOD
3:15 AM Prisnor -PubgMobile Here it’s 3:00 Pm in Pak
3:15 AM WavyLevel πŸ˜›
3:15 AM WavyLevel BE HUMBLE
3:15 AM jakapong jaiboonruang Ok good
3:15 AM Back Bencher how to get good in maths ?
3:15 AM The Tech Lord @MONKE nice
3:15 AM The Tech Lord ha
3:16 AM SeniorLoco @The Tech Lord npm just doesnt like me, still wont install packages correctly, why must i like js
3:16 AM The Tech Lord same here @SeniorLoco
3:16 AM Back Bencher f
3:16 AM Dexter Chasinda Hey we are already becoming great friends!
3:16 AM The Tech Lord I hate it and still use it
3:16 AM MONKE back bencher, practice practice practice practice and stop being a back bencher
3:16 AM Back Bencher 😲
3:17 AM Back Bencher how much practice ?
3:17 AM MONKE not being rude
3:17 AM Dexter Chasinda Me and monke were friends here Monke I was missing you
3:17 AM MONKE lol
3:17 AM Back Bencher i have to complete my all class 11 maths book
3:17 AM Back Bencher how much time it would take ?
3:17 AM WavyLevel My church is in nature
3:17 AM WavyLevel whether organic or concrete
3:17 AM MONKE lol i finished all my math books
3:18 AM Back Bencher 😲
3:18 AM MONKE can you please stop
3:18 AM Back Bencher ?
3:18 AM MONKE wavy level
3:18 AM WavyLevel says the monke
3:18 AM MONKE not you
3:18 AM Back Bencher ah ok
3:19 AM Back Bencher byeeee bhamiyas
3:19 AM Back Bencher !!!!!!
3:19 AM NeK HELLO WORLD. how r u
3:19 AM MONKE wavylevel i dont care if you go to church. But this chat is not for that
3:19 AM The Tech Lord no need to be so rude now, monke
3:20 AM MONKE i am not rude man
3:20 AM The Tech Lord that seemed a bit rude
3:20 AM Dexter Chasinda I just love the beautiful views of mountains that surround our village I can see the mountains through the window
3:20 AM WavyLevel or nero
3:20 AM The Tech Lord hey does anyone know where i can download older versions of nodejs
3:20 AM WavyLevel or stalin
3:21 AM WavyLevel control the open space
3:21 AM Dexter Chasinda ahhhhhhhhhhhhh refreshing view
3:21 AM MONKE you can use some cracked version
3:21 AM Dexter Chasinda sooooooooooooo refreshing
3:21 AM The Tech Lord found it
3:21 AM WavyLevel i love the city where they all wanna be
3:21 AM WavyLevel πŸ˜‰
3:21 AM MONKE Softonic?
3:22 AM WavyLevel smh let me look up what to invest in
3:22 AM WavyLevel later for yall
3:22 AM MONKE did you find it on Softonic
3:22 AM The Tech Lord no
3:22 AM The Tech Lord official node website
3:22 AM The Tech Lord previous releases
3:23 AM WavyLevel im starting a techno cult
3:23 AM WavyLevel who joining
3:23 AM SeniorLoco @The Tech Lord didnt you just downgrade? and you wanna go lower?
3:23 AM WavyLevel is that even legal tho
3:24 AM WavyLevel christianity did it
3:24 AM WavyLevel jesus did it why cant i
3:24 AM The Tech Lord @SeniorLoco I did but it uninstalled npm so i have to install it again
3:24 AM SeniorLoco ah
3:25 AM The Tech Lord first i will have to uninstall all versions of node in my desktop
3:25 AM The Tech Lord then reinstall
3:25 AM The Tech Lord I hate it
3:25 AM MONKE i had a big problem with pip
3:25 AM MONKE i had pip in my path
3:25 AM The Tech Lord yeah
3:25 AM MONKE but even then i was showing that annoying error
3:26 AM MONKE it*
3:26 AM The Tech Lord Yeah
3:26 AM The Tech Lord You added it to path?
3:26 AM MONKE tech lord what is your vscode font??
3:27 AM The Tech Lord default
3:27 AM MONKE yeah i modified it
3:27 AM The Tech Lord let me check
3:27 AM MONKE use fira code. I is super cozy
3:27 AM MONKE it*
3:27 AM MONKE especially the italics
3:27 AM The Tech Lord okay
3:27 AM The Tech Lord i will
3:28 AM MONKE and what is your theme
3:28 AM MONKE mine is default
3:28 AM The Tech Lord dark
3:28 AM Gabriele Maita I use both vscode and webstorm
3:28 AM The Tech Lord who even uses light?
3:28 AM The Tech Lord nice
3:28 AM MONKE lol
3:28 AM The Tech Lord atom is also nice
3:29 AM MONKE it's a bit laggy
3:29 AM The Tech Lord atom?
3:29 AM MONKE and not good for CSS
3:29 AM Gabriele Maita yeah i use atom under manjaro
3:29 AM MONKE yeah yeah
3:29 AM hashwanth alla @The Tech Lord hi you are back after a long time
3:30 AM The Tech Lord hey @hashwanth alla
3:30 AM SeniorLoco i give up on this for now gl to my node ppl here
3:30 AM The Tech Lord i was here yesterday
3:30 AM MONKE hi hashwanth
3:30 AM Gabriele Maita but only for "hobby coding", for work i'm stuck with win10
3:30 AM hashwanth alla ohh i was quite busy yesterday
3:30 AM The Tech Lord thanks @SeniorLoco same to you
3:30 AM hashwanth alla this merge conflict are irritating
3:30 AM hashwanth alla hey @MONKE
3:31 AM Gabriele Maita @hashwanth alla are you using a repo manager?
3:31 AM MONKE means
3:32 AM hashwanth alla no i was using the tortoise git
3:33 AM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlete space) 18+ VIDEO CHАТ! )!
3:33 AM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlete space) 18+ VIDEO CHАТ! !!!)
3:33 AM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlete space) 18+ VIDEO CHАТ! )!!
3:33 AM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlete space) 18+ VIDEO CHАТ! !!!)))
3:33 AM WEBCAMS-CHAT. COM - (dеlete space) 18+ VIDEO CHАТ! !
3:33 AM MONKE not the spam boy
3:34 AM Gabriele Maita Have you ever tried SmartGit?
3:34 AM MONKE i have reported this guy a 100 times. But YouTube has not done anything about it. Thanks YouTube
3:34 AM The Tech Lord you can block it
3:34 AM MONKE it keeps on coming
3:35 AM The Tech Lord block it
3:35 AM MONKE i did
3:36 AM MONKE Gabriele u a pink Floyd fan??
3:36 AM Gabriele Maita @MONKE is that obvius XD?
3:37 AM The Tech Lord I HATE NODE JS!
3:37 AM MONKE lol. I am a big fan
3:37 AM MONKE which is your fav song
3:37 AM MONKE mine is comfortablely numb
3:38 AM MONKE and high hopes
3:38 AM Gabriele Maita Man that's hard... Echoes, Comfortably Numb, Dogs, Time
3:38 AM MONKE especially the lapsteel
3:38 AM MONKE yeah man