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Dynamics Arises From Statics

When Equilibrium Is Not Established In Time.

The propagation takes time in nature due to the limited speed of light. The speed of light is thought to be the maximum speed limit that information can propagate.

Random events occur at all times randomly and equilibrium cannot be established instantly.

Enter the non-equilibrium non-linear dynamics

Uncertainty in our space-time causes random events. This is called uncertainty principle. The ultimate cause of all the mess in the Universe.

Living things lie. Non-living things also lie. Even our space and time lie. We All Lie.

Dynamics is here to handle all things that lie.

Classical Mechanics, Electrodynamics and Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) are well known a few good examples of dynamics.

There are countless not well-known dynamics. Some are discovered, and the rest are yet to be discovered.